Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Welcome to The Cornell Basketball Blog!

Welcome to The Cornell Basketball Blog, an unofficial website devoted to Cornell Big Red Basketball. We endeavor to provide extensive multimedia coverage of Cornell and Ivy League basketball. Below we provide some tips on using the Blog and a bit of background about us.


We encourage interaction with our readers. Please feel free to post your comments or questions underneath any of our published posts. You may also email comments and questions to cornellbigredfan@gmail.com.

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PLEASE NOTE, we are a fully independent site with no affiliation to Cornell University, the Cornell Athletics Department and/or the Cornell Men's Basketball Program.


Launched during 2007 by a network of Cornell alumni and fans, the primary mission of this blog is to provide FREE in-depth coverage of Cornell Basketball. This is after all THE Cornell Basketball Blog.

We believe our mission is accomplished on a daily basis as we cover the program more extensively than any other media or internet source on the planet.

Our secondary mission is to provide general coverage of the balance of the Ivy League's basketball programs.

Our readership is widespread. It extends far beyond alumni and the casual sofa fans. It includes numerous college and high school coaches, current Ivy League players and their families, former Ivy League players, and members of the national and local media.

Here is what some readers are saying about The Cornell Basketball Blog...

"[T]he best source for news about our team, the cornellbasketball.blogspot.com...We [the team] always joke how comprehensive that site is, and how they probably know what we eat for breakfast everyday. That is a great site and it's always interesting to see what the media puts out about our team."- Khaliq Gant, guard, Cornell Basketball '09

"[The] unbelievably in depth blog [The Cornell Basketball Blog] that somehow knows more about Cornell basketball than I do." - Jon Jaques, forward, Cornell Basketball '10

"I think it's great what [The Cornell Basketball Blog] do[es] not only for Cornell, but for the entire Ivy League."-Anonymous (non-Cornell) Division I assistant coach

"There are a lot of coaches inside and outside of the Ivy League reading the site [The Cornell Basketball Blog]."-Anonymous (non-Cornell) Division I assistant coach

"I want to compliment you on the wonderful [Cornell Basketball Blog] and thank you for the tons of effort it must take to do this so well."-Anonymous Cornell University Administrator

"I just bookmarked [The Cornell Basketball Blog]!"-Anonymous Cornell Professor

"Love the blog. Thank you so much for all the work in hosting it. " -Anonymous Cornell Administrator

"The Cornell BB Blog is amazing."-Garry Munson, Cornell Basketball '65

"Keep Spreading the Red!" Whit Watson, Sun Sports & Fox Sports Net Florida

"Before I call games, I often check out the [Cornell Basketball] Blog.-" Barry Leonard, WPIE/WVBR/ESPN Radio /Redcast Audio

"Tireless work [by The Cornell Basketball Blog.]."- Brian Delaney, The Ithaca Journal

"[The Cornell Basketball Blog has done] a great job with the continuing coverage." Harrison D. Sanford, Cornell '09, Sports Editor, Cornell Daily Sun

"We love the [The Cornell Basketball Blog] over at [Cornell's] Slope Media, thanks for keeping us up to date with everything Cornell Men's Basketball." - Sam Aleinikoff, Slope Media Group

"We like the site [The Cornell Basketball Blog] a lot. Nice write-ups about the players. Up-to-date Cornell BB news. Keep up the good work!"- A current Cornell Basketball player's parent.

"[W]e've enjoyed reading [The Cornell Basketball Blog]"- A current Cornell Basketball player's parent.

"Sometimes I have trouble coming up with blog topics and I write for The Dagger, Shutdown Corner, Busted Racquet and Fourth-Place Medal, covering anything and everything about four sports. The guys at the Cornell Basketball Blog posted about Big Red basketball 119 times in August. AUGUST! Nothing happens in August. They hit 329 posts in March of this year, and I'm not even sure the prolific Skeets gets that many in at our NBA blog Ball Don't Lie. I'm impressed. It's a good site too. Check it out."- Chris Chase, The Dagger on YahooSports.com

"[We] like [The Cornell Basketball Blog]. Not too many other Ivy Leaguers representing their alma maters on the world wide web."-TheSportsWatchers.com

"The Cornell Basketball Blog] was very helpful in our NCAA tournament preview." -CuttingDownTheNets.com

"[K]eep up the good work!"- RushTheCourt.com

"We love [The Cornell Basketball Blog] over at STF."- Storming the Floor.com

"[We are] enjoying [The Cornell Basketball Blog] site." -RockMNation.com (a Missouri Tigers blog)

"Just wanted to say you do a great job on your blog!" -SienaHoops.com

"When it comes to the Big Red, you have to turn to The Cornell Basketball Blog for the answers." SBNation.com/NunesMagician.com (The Syracuse Orange Blog).

And on the comical side...

"Heckle the Cornell fans at the fantastic Cornell Basketball Blog."-JohnnyJungle.com

"[Cornell's Louis] Dale’s impressive 274 career made foul shots were taken away. The NCAA found that Dale used excessive force with his elbow to push off, yet somehow the refs looked the other way each time. It was later revealed that ad sales from the Cornell Basketball Blog were responsible for paying off said refs."-The Daily Pennsylvanian (April Fools Edition)

"The Cornell Basketball Blog is reporting that the Big Red will open against St. John's in the Whatever the Preseason NIT is Called These Days... How the heck did Glazer get beat on this one?"- Neil Best, Newsday (New York)

"I know there are Cornell folks who post anything I say about the Big Red on the 'internet' and complain when I repeat myself." -Kyle Whelliston, MidMajority.com/ESPN.com

"Iceland - that's what I should have named the Cornell blog"- Kale Beers, Director of Athletic Communications/Voice of the Explorers, La Salle Athletics Department

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The Cornell Basketball Blog is always looking for additional volunteer writers and researchers to contribute original articles, news and information for the website. If you are a student, alumnus, employee or just a fan of Cornell and/or Ivy League basketball and want to write or research about the basketball team, please send us an email to cornellbigredfan@gmail.com. There is no time commitment, and you may at your option, publish your work under an anonymous nickname.