Monday, October 22, 2007

Big Red Scouting Report

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received from a fellow fan, a scouting report taken from the Big Red's Red-White intersquad scrimmage held on Saturday, October 20, 2007. Here is what our scout had to say.

INJURIES REPORT-Khaliq Gant, Adam Wire, and Alex Tyler did not play due to injuries. All three were present. “Khaliq looked good.”

WING FORWARDS (RYAN WITTMAN, ANDRE WILKINS, GEOFF REEVES, CONOR MULLEN, JON JAQUES)-“I think [Ryan Wittman] only missed one three-pointer all game (ok, maybe two)... He looks like he spent some time in the weight room developing his upper body.” “Andre Wilkins and Geoff Reeves can really get off of the floor. They each jumped center for their respective teams, and both can sky. But Wilkins probably got a foot higher than Reeves on that jump ball. They each got an uncontested slam dunk on a breakaway. If it was a contest for pizazz, I'd vote for Reeves. But Wilkins is going to dunk in a lot more games. On offense Wilkins showed a nice soft touch from inside and mid-range. Reeves hit a three or two (or three), and also made a few drives to the basket. On the boards Wilkins is an excellent rebounding presence at both ends of the floor. Both handled the ball well, but Reeves has the skills of a guard, while Wilkins clearly belongs on the wing and will be an enormous help inside.” “[Conor] Mullen continues to impress with his ability to swing between forward and guard. He appears stronger than I recall from last year, which will be helpful to us in the frontcourt, but he still handles the ball well.” “[Jon] Jaques was pretty much new to me. He didn't play much last year, and I simply don't remember him. But he got involved on both ends of the floor, played very aggressively on the boards and defensively, and showed a nice shooting touch.”

GUARDS (LOUIS DALE, COLLIN ROBINSON, ADAM GORE, JASON BATTLE)-“[Louis] Dale and [Collin] Robinson faced off throughout most of the game, and each seemed to be out to prove himself to the other or to [Head Coach] Steve [Donahue]. Dale showed his patented hesitation-drive (impossible to guard), ability to get to the rim, as well as his shooting range.” “Robinson looked really good, especially driving to the basket and pulling up (and I mean way up) for a jumper. Although he shot a number of threes, he didn't look especially comfortable and was better on the move. But ultimately I don't buy this as a "Battle" (and I'll talk about him in a minute). Robinson is a shooting-guard. And he is going to be spectacular. I would like to see what the two of them will do together on the same team at the same time. Robinson didn't impress me at the point [guard position]. He handles the ball impeccably, but offensively he was better at creating his own shot than setting up his teammates and taking what's available. He will be a very solid option when we really need a hoop. Defensively he did very well, has quick hands, and stole a few.” “[Jason] Battle played point when Dale was resting and he did very well. He seemed much more comfortable taking care of the ball than last year, and having that size [6’4”] at the point gives him good passing angles (which he took advantage of). He continues to be one of the best defenders on the floor.” “[Adam] Gore looked rusty at times. He missed quite a few threes (but to be fair, the other team put Wittman on him who had quite the size and long-arm advantage). Gore did hit a few, and he looked good in the backcourt. I wasn't impressed with his movement on offense when he was the shooting guard… [He] seemed to be standing around waiting for someone to throw him the ball too much. When he was at the point (when Robinson was resting), he handled the job effectively and seemed to get more in the flow of the offense. He had a brace on his lower leg, but otherwise did not seem to be hampered by last year's injury.”

LOW POST PLAYERS (JASON HARTFORD, JEFF FOOTE, PETE REYNOLDS, BRIAN KREEFER, AARON RICHARDSON-OSGOOD)-“[Jason] Hartford is ready to play. He wore a full leg/knee brace but moved gracefully. I didn't notice any problems from last year's injury. He played well inside and out. He looked comfortable from three-land as well as inside. He passed the ball extremely well from the post and set up his teammates for easy hoops on more than one occasion.” “[Jeff] Foote showed terrific shot blocking skills and evoked some reluctance from his opponents to shoot inside. He moved well up and down the floor. He made one rim-rocking dunk in traffic, but then hit all-iron on two more attempted dunks. I think he just got tired. He also showed good ability to keep the ball live on the offensive end with timely tipping.” “[Pete] Reynolds played very well and showed the athleticism that we saw glimpses of last season.” “[Brian] Kreefer used his body very effectively inside and handled the ball well inside. He scored effectively from the post. He also took a number of threes and made one or two. To me he has always looked better inside than outside (and this game was no different), and I'd be happy if he'd just stick closer to the basket on offense.” “[Aaron] Richardson-Osgood looks like he will be an excellent player with some more experience, and especially some work on positioning and footwork. He can get off the floor well for a big man and shows signs of good athleticism. I think he can contribute this year (especially while Tyler is out).”

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