Thursday, November 8, 2007

They Said It! Quote to Remember.

Below we pasted an excerpt from yesterday's chat session transcript with ESPN's Kyle Wheslliston. See what Wheslliston had to say about the Ivy League and mid-majors. Whelliston previously commented on the Ivy League during a September chat session.
Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday, we'll take a break from the big name conferences and talk some mid-major hoops. So to all of you who may not get the attention you want when the big dogs are dominating the chats, now is your chance! Ask Kyle!

Kyle is the founder of and is a regular contributor to

Kyle Whelliston: So as it's gone in the past, you have mid-major questions and I've got mid-major answers. And then after an hour, I do the "Soulja Boy." Okay? Okay. Let's go!!

Jeff, NY:
Kyle: The Ivy League Preseason Media Poll was: 1. Cornell 2. Yale 3. Penn Are you still sticking with Penn as your favorite as you indicated in a prior chat session? The Ivy League: High-Majors in Academics.

Kyle Whelliston: Yes, it's definitely an eight-bid conference when it comes to Mathlete Madness. I'm sticking with Penn, not because I'm a Philly homer, but because of the way the season goes there. I think that top to bottom, it's a more consistently talented roster than any of the other seven, and that's how you win a six-week tournament. I'd love to see Yale pull it off though.

Tim, NY:
Kyle, What is your definition of a mid major team? What about low major?

Kyle Whelliston: I don't think there's any such thing as a low major, it's one of those paliconundrums or whatever, like jumbo shrimp. Winthrop came out of a conference rated 28th in the RPI, and people called them a mid-major. The first recorded usage of the phrase, back in the 1970's, was a description of a MEAC team. To me, if you play in the Bracketbusters, just want to, or can't because of your class schedules, then you're a mid-major. A more technical and precise description I use is "schools with annual athletic budgets under $15 million."

Carl (Lansing, MI): There is such a thing as a "Low Major"...UofM this year...

Kyle Whelliston: The Big Ten a long history of producing top-notch comedians. I'm surprised the BTN doesn't have a late-night talk show.

Kyle Whelliston: That's it for me, folks, my hour's up. See you next week from Columbus, the site of the Preseason NIT's hottest pod (Columbia! Del-State! Green Bay!). Enjoy basketball!

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