Friday, November 30, 2007

Update on Cornell's Loss to Ohio U (November 17)

Cornell's only loss on this young season was at the hands of the MAC's Ohio University Bobcats. Since defeating Cornell 102-89 on November 17 in Athens, Ohio, the Bobcats have fallen on hard times. On November 26, the Bobcats lost 62-60 at Patriot League power Holy Cross on a buzzer shot. The following game, the Bobcats fell again at the buzzer, 90-88 to Temple in Philadelphia. Ohio is 2-2 on the season. Ohio previously beat New Mexico State by 8 points. New Mexico State was a 13 seed in last season's NCAA tournament. Let us know your thoughts. Was Ohio loss a "bad loss" for the Big Red?


Anonymous said...

Ohio lost 2 games, by a combined 4 points, on the road to two very good way losing to them at their place after being up most of the game was a bad loss.

bigredfan587 said...

Ohio was a very good loss for us. It was a loss early in the season that showed our weaknesses so that we may improve on them. They are also a pretty good team, so it's not like we lost to some crappy team, we lost to someone who made us play hard and make mistakes. I take it as an eye opener to what we need to do, and I think Cornell has been improving since.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I also don't think Ohio was a bad loss. They could probably beat any Ivy League team and they should make some noise in the MAC this season. Although, it would have been nice to steal a a road win in Athens (without a full roster, i.e. Jeff Foote).

Siena was a good quality win. Not that we should look past Colgate, but a win over Bucknell would also be a good quality win for our program. Those are the kinds of games that build resumes.

Anonymous said...

the ohio loss was not a bad loss. holy cross is an excellent team and are projected as a 13 seed in lunardis latest bracketology. temple is a big time a-10 team with a good coach (fran dunphy from upenn). not to mention, both ohio's losses were on the road.

that loss will really facilitate our growth as a team. i dont think we would have pulled off that win at siena had we not gotten the experience at ohio. however, one thing that somewhat concerns me is how well play on the road. the team has only had one road game, which we lost.

Anonymous said...

cornell basketball blog- give us a prediction on cornells record. heres what i think:

non-conference: 10-4
conference: 12-2

22-6. i think that will yield us a 14 /15 seed

Anonymous said...

Ohio really exposed our major(and one of few) weaknesses: Interior, tough, defense. Foote will really help fill that void. So far though, this team has been an awesome team to watch and cheer for.