Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cornell Basketball in the News

Here are a few of the references to Cornell in the news media today:

Cornell's frontline of Jeff Foote (7'1") and Jason Hartford (6'9") was referred to as "small" in today's Columbia Spectator.

Also, check out the article from the Philadelphia Daily News below:

Dick Jerardi: Folks in Ivy League might be seeing Red this season
STEVE DONAHUE had been in the Ivy League long enough to know he was not accepting a quick-fix job at Cornell in 2000. He felt confident he was ready for his first head-coaching position. After all, he had been to the Herb Magee and Fran Dunphy finishing schools. What he hoped is that he would be given enough time to make Cornell an Ivy contender.

Donahue, who played at Ursinus and was an assistant for some very good Penn and Philadelphia University teams, got the time. Cornell, 10-5 overall, is now a contender, maybe even the Ivy favorite.

"You have visions of what it could be like, and just the satisfaction that you get out of that kind of success would be great," Donahue said. "I'm more excited for our players, our student body and our administration who have been very patient."

The Big Red is the only 2-0 Ivy team as league play gets serious this weekend. Penn and Princeton finally begin. If Cornell can survive the first Ivy weekend, look out. Donahue's team plays at contenders Brown and Yale. A sweep would be great. A split would work, as six of its next eight are at home.

"We're playing well now," Donahue said. "We were averaging, like, 88 points a game and then we ran into teams that aren't going to let you do that. Then I think we just revamped stuff and got back to basics. We've played a lot of road games, and I think we're playing our best basketball."

Princeton is way down. Penn is struggling. For the first time in 20 years, the Ivy door is wide open for another school.

"Princeton is really going through some rebuilding," Donahue said. "I think there are enough pieces there at Penn. This league is not that great . . . Glen [Miller] has been through this enough. They're going to have something to say."

Why not Cornell?

The Big Red has one of the great shooters in America, Ryan Wittman (son of Randy), who shoots 47.8 percent from the arc, eighth nationally. It has a terrific point guard in Louis DaleAdam Gore, the 2006 Ivy rookie of the year, back after missing last season with a knee injury. Dale is the nation's best free-throw shooter (94 percent). Gore is 10th (90.5 percent). It has 7-footer Jeff Foote. Most of the key players on the roster are sophomores. and another scorer in

"This week and this year are huge," Donahue said. "And I feel good about our team for the next several years."


Anonymous said...

I think Jon Kamran was mixed up on his version of the game. The guards didn't penetrate because J Hart and Foote were there and more aggressive then ever.(in my opinion) I really enjoyed watching J Hart defensively on Bauman, he was taken out of his game and wasn't able to get it going. Nice job. GO BIG RED

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I've now watched the game three times-- once in person and twice on DVR. I think Cornell's frontline was instrumental no doubt in the win. Foote, Hartford and Tyler were huge in keeping Columbia from scoring in the paint. But I think Cornell's guards were the reason why Columbia did not penetrate. The fact is that Cornell had quicker (and bigger) guards. Columbia did not have anyone consistently quick enough to beat Dale, Gore, Reeves or Battle off the dribble.

Anonymous said...

I have a tendancy to focus on the play of the front court and really liked what I saw with the bigs for Cornell and especially with J Hart's effort. The rotation of Foote, Hartford, and Tyler did a good job.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I'd agree, the bigs did a terrific job defending the post, especially against Baumann. Cornell's frontcourt totally took him out of the game. But not for some outstanding thee-point shooting by Columbia, this game could have been a 30 point blowout win for Cornell. But we'll take the 18 point win on the road.

Anonymous said...

its not even like columbia was drilling open threes. they were hitting contested threes like they were layups (remember loscalzos four point play over louis). i cant imagine teams will shoot that lights out from the perimeter against us, even brown.