Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Whelliston: I'll Take Brown

Kyle Whelliston, founder and editor of (a website devoted to "mid-major" college basketball, as defined by Whelliston) and a regular column writer for, had the following to say during today's ESPN chat session about Friday's Cornell at Brown game:
Jeff, NYC: Kyle, Predicted outcome score for Cornell at Brown? Are you going to the game?

Kyle Whelliston: (4:16 PM ET ) I'll be there. I don't pick games because I'm wrong so much, it makes gamblers angry. But I like Brown's chances to make the first big statement in the post-P&P Ivy world.
Whelliston is picking Brown to win the Ivy League.


Anonymous said...

we got picked against last week and turned out fine. i just want 1 of 2 this weekend.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

One of two? Are you kidding me? We want to win both of them!

There is no reason for us to lose either of these games.

Top to bottom, our guys are just as good as any team in the Ivy.

Big deal... so we are playing on the road. We've been to hostile gyms at Ohio, Bucknell, Syracuse, and Duke.

We've played on national tv several times.

We've faced distractions and adversity-- such as losing Collin Robinson.

Cornell has seen it all. Our guys are prepared, ready and we should expect nothing less than a sweep.

If we lose 1 or 2 of these games, we can discuss the ramifications and try to find the silver-lining, by trying to remain positive.

But we want two wins this weekend, We are the Ivy favorites! We are Cornell!

Lets Go Red!