Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Video Highlights from Siena Game Available

Better late than never. Yesterday, Harrison D. Sanford of the Cornell Daily Sun published a video clip review of Cornell's November 22 defeat at Siena (click here to view it).

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Anonymous said...

It'd be nice if Dale didn't take it easy against the toughest part of the schedule. At least he'll be back in time for Dartmouth and Princeton.

q'nis said...

I highly doubt he is taking it easy. As a spectator it is really easy to downplay a player's injury. However, hee is the only one who knows the true severity of the injury and how much his hamstring(s) are nagging him.

You would be a lot more angry if he rushed back, the injury hampered him for the year, and we lost IVY games partially as a result.

At this point, who cares if we lose games? All that matters is getting better. Before the losses to Indiana, Siena, and Saint John's seeding may have been an issue, but it will be very tough for us to get a seed higher than 14 at this point. With our seeding fate all but determined, why risk injury? We are not fighting for an at-large bid here.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

C'mon Q, do you really believe that Cornell can't do better than a 14 seed with possible wins over St. Joes, La Salle and Minnesota? There is plenty of time to get a good seed--- but granted--- its getting tougher and tougher with each loss.

q'nis said...

I think getting a 13 will be extremely tough at this point. I think it all really centered around the St. Johns/Indiana games. If we can't beat the bottom feeders of the BCS conferences we don't really deserve a 13 to be honest.

The only way I think we can make up for those losses is to beat 2 of the next 3 really tough games(Cuse, Minn., St. Joes). And to be honest, I don't expect us to do that

Anonymous said...


Donahue has repeatedly said that Dale would play if these were Ivy games. Therefore, he has put those as the priority...as opposed to the more challenging games.