Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cornell Basketball in the News

A few references to Cornell Basketball in the news media this weekend...

Harvard's Andrew Pusar gave the following response in a Q&A:
What was the most exciting game as well as the most exciting place you have ever played?
The most exciting game was definitely our Michigan win last year. Beating such a great team and having the students rush the court was awesome. I’ve never been so hyped. I think the most exciting places to play are either Yale or Cornell because we get heckled. Although the venues aren’t very big, their students get into it and get after us pretty good. They even called Drew Housman a hobbit. It makes it more fun when we are in such a hostile environment.
The Syracuse Post Standard writes, "The kid [Johnny Flynn] didn't dribble over here from Niagara Falls to play Cornell or Colgate or Coppin State."

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