Saturday, October 31, 2009

Newman Nation Tribute

Cornell Basketball's Newman Arena experience...

Cornell has had success and their gym is always rocking and just packed.

-Jeremy Lin, Harvard

They’ve [Cornell] certainly done a good job getting a pretty good atmosphere—it was rocking all night. They [Cornell's fans] were out here a good 45 minutes while we were warming up already, making chants, getting on people, and certainly as you saw at the end with them rushing the court. I thought it was a lot of fun, I mean it’s good for them, it’s good for the league—we certainly love playing in it.... I think the most exciting places to play are either Yale or Cornell because we get heckled. Although the venues aren’t very big, their students get into it and get after us pretty good.

-Andrew Pusar, Harvard '09 (see also here)

The birth of our student section known as Newman Nation early last season made our home court the Ivy League’s answer to Cameron Indoor Stadium. While the fan base continues to grow, so too do their expectations for our team...

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank “Newman Nation”, our student section at home games, for turning Newman Arena into the greatest basketball environment and home-court advantage in the Ivy League.

-Jon Jaques, Cornell '10 (see also here)

Louis Dale '10, who elicits cheers of "Louuuuu" whenever the ball is in his possession, expressed his appreciation for the fans..."It's been great ... having people coming out and supporting us...It's overwhelming."

-Louis Dale, Cornell '10 with The Cornell Chronicle

This is my first time here in this facility period, and obviously with a lot riding on the game for their team, their fans were tremendous, their students were terrific. They had the place packed and rockin’ and their team fed off that and away it went.

-Tommy Amaker, Head Coach, Harvard

As [Jeff Foote's] 7-foot frame rose for the dunk, so did the entire crowd of 4,254 at the Newman Arena, which many fans said had never been as loud as it had been at that moment.

-Stu Woo, Brown University Daily Herald

The loyal Newman Nation... pack[s] Cornell’s Newman Arena... The Cameron Crazies they aren’t, but they certainly rock the arena. The student section gets shot-altering loud, and they’re on their feet for all 40 minutes.

-Ben Strauss, Ithaca College, writer for The Ithacan

Last night, I ventured to Newman Arena in Ithaca, N.Y. to take in Cornell's Ivy League finale against Princeton. When I originally purchased the tickets, I thought I'd be watching the Big Red attempt to clinch the Ivy title and the NCAA berth that goes with it. But, alas, it was not meant to be. Cornell took care of business on Friday by dismantling Penn... When the majority of your college basketball viewing is done at the [Syracuse] Carrier Dome, it's nice to catch a game in an intimate atmosphere every once in a while... [Cornell's] Newman Arena is, all things considered, a very nice venue... Cornell's student section enjoys counting down when the opposition's shot clock is about to expire... [and] enjoys beginning its countdown at the wrong number... Cornell's student section is better than that of Syracuse.

-Holding On Ruben Brown Blog

For the Quakers (10-18, 6-8), the loss to the Big Red - the fourth straight time they have failed to beat former Penn assistant Steve Donahue's squad - was just another reminder of how things have changed on 33rd Street [in Philadelphia] Instead of cutting down the nets themselves, the Red and Blue [of Penn] had to watch as Cornell fans stormed Newman Arena's floor while Queen's We Are the Champions blared over the loudspeaker.

-Zach Klitzman, The Daily Pennsylvanian

[T]he atmosphere here [at Cornell's Newman Arena] is pretty electric... I bet Penn can’t wait to leave this state.

-The Daily Pennsylvanian

Cornell fans did something that no other floor stormin’ fan base has done: they CHANGED THE SCORE OF A GAME. Think about that for a moment. Forget about being feared in the Ivy, they should be the most feared student section in the nation. Trailing Syracuse by three points with under one minute left? That’s fine, they’ll just take the court and give the scoreboard a little boot…

-Marco Anskis, with

Cornell is traditionally a hockey school before anything else. Every year, Cornell students camp out for season tickets to Big Red men's hockey and, before the school changed the system three years ago, risk broken limbs in a mad weeknight stampede to claim line numbers. Cornell's Lynah Rink is known as one of the toughest places for visiting teams to play due to the volume and spirit of the student fans. The men's basketball team's recent rise to (relative) prominence has resulted in record attendance for Big Red basketball.

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