Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Tweet on Witt


Anonymous said...

Not a big surprise. Cornell has the three best players in the Ivy league this season in Witt, Dale and Foote. With the entire starting 5 returning, along the additions of Curry and Groebe, anything less than 14-0 should be considered a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

nah i wouldnt say that. but this team will not be happy without a win the the big dance.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The primary goal is winning the Ivy (regardless of record) AND then advancing in the tournament.

Going 14-0 would be great... but we've did that/done that and the focus now is knocking off a first round opponent in the NCAAs.

Everyone remembers Princeton beating UCLA. Not many know what their Ivy record was that year.

Everyone remembers Davidson and Bucknell in the NCAAs. What were their records in the SoCon and Patriot?

It is a long journey.

Getting a favorable seed all starts this month with the four big games coming up... 'bama, UMass, Hall, Cuse.

Lets get some signature wins.

Anonymous said...

well said big red fan...well said...

Anonymous said...

Also, Cornell should be actively rooting for Princeton, Penn, and Harvard during the non-conference schedule. That can only help their RPI and public perception. It really hurt that they went 11-3 in what was perceived to be a joke of a conference.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

You say, "Also, Cornell should be actively rooting for Princeton, Penn, and Harvard during the non-conference schedule. That can only help their RPI and public perception. It really hurt that they went 11-3 in what was perceived to be a joke of a conference."

Response: Yes and no. You are right about your point. Other Ivies winning raises Cornell's RPI. However, on the flip side, if they win big games out of league, it can hurt Cornell in recruiting.

What made Penn and Princeton so dominant in Ivy basketball was their dominance in recruiting. They were the only teams that won out of league games.

If you have 3-4 good Ivy teams, the recruiting wars get even tougher.

So... pick your poison. Bad RPI... or ridiculously competitive recruiting.

Anonymous said...

It seems that, despite the Big Red's back-to-back Ivy championships, they're still facing an uphill battle in Ivy recruiting. Aside from the transfers, it looks like Cornell is regularly losing out to Harvard and the two P's for the best Ivy-level talent. Why is this the case and what could change it?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

We disagree. Transfers aside, we think Cornell's freshman could be the Ivy's best.

Errick Peck, Miles Asafo-Adjei and Josh Figini are as good as a trio as you could get in this league.

Peck had scholarships on the table from Butler, Akron, Cleveland State, Kent State, Colorado State, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Loyola-Chicago, Middle Tennessee State, IUFW, Missouri State, and Evansville and Wisconsin-Green Bay. Many, many others were interested. He had more offers than any other Ivy freshman.

Asafo-Adjei is probably the best defensive freshman in the Ivy League (and perhaps the best athlete). If his shot comes around, he could be another Louis Dale. A guy with his quickness is rare at this level. Like Peck, he had tons of interest, but he did not want to play outside the Ivy League.

Josh Figini was so good that the Minnesota Gophers wanted him to be a member of their team (on academic scholarship). In the words of his coach, "They wanted to get him, but to get him free of cost."

Josh wanted the Ivy League instead. You won't find another 6'9" kid in the Ivy freshman class with his versatility and explosiveness. He will be a good one. Definitely has All-Ivy potential.

Then you've got Pete McMillan. He is well-trained, skilled and has a high bball IQ. He is probably good enough to play right now if he were on a lower division Ivy team.

Finally, Eitan Chemerinski... he's got a lot of skill for a 6'8" guy. Because he is so skinny and has yet to play the best competition, he has soooo much upside. Given him 2 years of our weight training and playing against his new teammates, and this kid's ability can break the ceiling.

You will be very surprised when these guys get their floor time.

Anonymous said...

Cornell has a very good class of recruits coming in, but it's still totally comparable (and arguably slightly inferior) to the Ps or Harvard.

Cornell doesn't yet have the b-ball legacy of the Ps and it lacks the academic brand of Harvard (which remains the most prestigious school in the world). I think Cornell will have to make some noise in the NCAAs or else keep on finishing 1st or 2nd for the next few years to truly level the playing field, recruitment-wise.

Transfers might be your best bet right now -- as it has been with Foote and now Groebe/Coury.

Anonymous said...

the fact is, the Big Red are losing all of their starters next season. until their class of young players start to realy develop, they will be in tough to make the tourney over the next few years.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The young players are developing. Peck, Asafo-Adjei, and Figini could start for some of the Ivy teams. They are that good.

Hearing that practices are ridiculously competitive... so much talent.

The Ivy League is going to be in for a rude awakening if they discount this team next year.

But first, business to take care of this year.