Friday, April 23, 2010

Cornell Assistant Coaching Candidates

Below, some names of coaches that we think might make sense as assistant coaching hires on Bill Courtney's new staff at Cornell. Courtney should certainly give some thought to adding one to two assistants with Ivy League experience.
Kevin App-Cornell 3rd assistant
Joe Burke-Navy 1st assistant, former Cornell assistant
Ka'ron Barnes-Army 3rd assistant, Cornell graduate
Mike Brennan-3rd Georgetown assistant
Robert Burke-American University 2nd assistant
Shawn Trice-Temple 3rd assistant
Mike Maker-Williams College coach
Paul Grant-MIT assistant
Damien Strahorn-Columbia 1st assistant
Marlon Sears-Columbia 2nd assistant
Glen Miller-former Penn coach
Dennis Wolfe-former Boston University coach
Gil Jackson-former Howard coach
King Rice-Vanderbilt 3rd assistant
Brian DeStefano-Harvard 2nd assistant
Yanni Hufnagel-Harvard 3rd assistant, Cornell graduate
T.J. Sorrentine-Brown 2nd assistant
Michael Huger-George Mason 2nd assistant
Adrian Autry-Virgina Tech Director of Operations
Mike Martin-Penn 2nd assistant
Benjy Taylor-Former Chicago State coach, former Cornell assistant


Anonymous said...

Good list, but you also have to consider that Courtney brings in some of "his guys" like connections he has made over the dozen schools he's worked for.

Anonymous said...

Glen Miller????

I quote from Full Metal Jacket, "is that some sort of joke?"

C'mon. Glen Miller is nuclear waste.

q'nis said...

Worst sign ever.

Cornell Basketball Scores. ahhaha.

Anonymous said...

I DOUBT we will get Glen Miller but one thing the guy can do is recruit. He brought in talents like Harrison Gaines, Tyler Bernardini, Zach Rosen....

However, the guys can't coach to save his life. IF, and I mean IF, we had him as an assistant coach (WHICH I WOULD BET HEAVILY AGAINST), the guys would just be recruiting, not coaching.