Friday, April 30, 2010

News and Notes: TGIF Edition

Below, some news and notes for Friday...
  • We are told by a source close to the situation that it is still looking very likely that Cornell will add a transfer who submitted his application for admission to the University during April.
  • Cornell senior, Andre Wilkins tweets, "I'm already excited to see what next season is gonna look like. Pretty confident in [Errick Peck and Pete McMillan] and the rest of the young guns." Other graduating seniors such as Louis Dale and Jon Jaques went so far as to predict a fourth straight Ivy title for the Big Red.
  • In reporting on Dartmouth's hiring Paul Cormier as head coach, The Dartmouth reports, "The rebuilding process will not happen overnight, Cormier said. He added that former Cornell head coach Steve Donahue did not win an Ivy League title until his ninth year at Cornell. This past season, Donahue’s 12th year with the team, he led the Big Red squad to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament."
There were 50 coaching changes in the Division I ranks this offseason, and 46 of them have been filled already, so we figured now was the right time to give it to you straight on each and every move that has been made.

I remember giving out higher grades a year ago, but much of that had to do with the quality of the jobs that were open last time around. Most of the spots that opened this year did so for a reason — they are tough places to achieve success.

Here we go: Grades for all 46 coaching hires.


The Old: Al Skinner
The New: Steve Donahue

Donahue led Cornell to three consecutive NCAA tournaments, and his academic profile certainly fits at BC. The question I have surrounds his staff more than Donahue. He’s an Ivy League lifer, brought Nat Graham with him from Cornell and hired Columbia head coach Joe Jones and Niagara assistant Akbar Waheed. Sure, Jones was at Villanova — but this is a staff without any local presence and not much high-major experience, either.

Grade: B-


The Old: Steve Donahue
The New: Bill Courtney

Courtney was key in putting together the team at George Mason that went to the Final Four, but he’s bounced around since leaving the Patriots' program. He was at Providence for a year, VCU for a couple months and most recently, Virginia Tech for the past year. Plus, it’s going to be awfully difficult to have to follow in Donahue’s footsteps after what the Big Red have done the last three years.

Grade: C


The Old: Terry Dunn
The New: Paul Cormier

Cormier, 58, returns to the place where he was the head coach from 1984-1991 and had two of the three most successful seasons in the program’s history. Cormier has been in the NBA for the past dozen years but will get another shot to bring the program back to respectability.

Grade: B


The Old: Glen Miller
The New: Jerome Allen

Allen got the gig after spending months as an assistant coach but did so due to the support of those close to the program since he was a star guard with the Quakers in the mid-1990s. Allen made a solid move with the addition of Penn alum Dan Leibovitz, who left his head spot at Hartford.

Grade: C+


TP said...

You're absolutely killing me with all this transfer speculation. When will we find out?

Anonymous said...

Is this transfer the third transfer you always mentioned or is this someone else? Any idea when an announcement will be made?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

There are supposed to be three new transfers next season: (1) Anthony Gatlin, (2) Andrew Ferry and then this third transfer who is going through admissions.

There is no other transfer in the works.

Cornell did make an offer to Justin Cecil, a former D-I player who committed to Mercer out of Central Florida C.C. Cecil wanted a full athletic scholarship and did not want any loans. Based on his family income, Cornell could not offer a loan-free financial aid package.

Cornell passed (did not offer) another transfer, Jeff Algood, who landed at Eastern Kentucky after spending this past year at Iowa Western and the year before at Army. Instead, Cornell took Ferry.

Cornell was also involved with a few other transfers a few months ago, but they are no longer in play.

The transfer who applied this month has arguably the most impressive resume, especially from a statistical standpoint.

Anonymous said...

I realize you can only say so much right now, but can you tell us if this potential new transfer is a big man? I would love to see a player at the 4 or 5 come in.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

We will only say that he is by no means a replacement for Jeff Foote.

We will say however that he is good enough to be All Ivy from day 1.

Anonymous said...

Funny that they have Cornell with the worst grade, yet as far as I know we have not lost any new recruits due to the change. Poor BC.... do they have any left? Sometimes what is on paper does not reflect true talent. Also positive energy does so much for positive outcomes... which team has the best energy right now????? HMMMM

Anonymous said...

"The transfer who applied this month has arguably the most impressive resume, especially from a statistical standpoint."

Well I would hope so for Cornell's sake. It's hard to do worse than 0.9ppg, 0.2apg, and 0.1rpg while shooting a whopping 18% from three (guard Ferry at juggernaut Valpo) or 4.5 ppg, 2.5rpg in 19 mins a game(forward Gatlin at fellow juggernaut Centenary).

Anonymous said...

if this new transfer becomes official, will he be eligible to play this coming year like Ferry?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Pretty comical that you left out the fact that Ferry was among the nation's leading scorers and shooters at Palm Beach State and that he turned down seven scholarships to attend Cornell.

You also conveniently ignore the fact that Gatlin put up some huge numbers when he received minutes, and his numbers were very impressive for a freshman or sophomore.

Both players are considered All-Ivy candidates by coaches around the league.

Anonymous said...

It is really nice to see the support from outgoing seniors regarding the prospects for next years team. Shows alot of class.

Anonymous said...

Can you at least say if he is a 4 or 5? We realize no one is going to replace Foote, but is he at least a big? and can he play this year?