Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recruiting News

Below, some recruiting news from around the Ivy League...

First from the class of 2010...

James Siakam (Brehm Prep) Carbondale, IL, 6-7, reclassified from the class of 2011 to the 2010 and committed to Vanderbilt according to ChicagoHoops.com. He had an offer from Harvard.

New England Recruiting Report is one of numerous sources reporting that Brice Kofane (Miller School) Charlottesville, VA 6-8 committed to Providence. Kofane had an offer from Harvard.

Mat Piotrowski (Lawrenceville Academy) Port Republic, NJ, 7-1, told NJHoops.com that his final college choices came down to St Mary's, Cornell, Stanford, Eastern Tennessee State and Harvard before choosing Boston University. He said, "I was looking at Harvard and Cornell also. BU has very good academics but not as good those schools. But they give scholarships so that kind of countered that." Piotrowski added that he did not visit Cornell and did not indicate that he received an offer from the Big Red. A campus visit is a typical requirement before receiving an offer from the Cornell program.

After Kevin Noreen (Transitions Charter) Minneapolis, MN, 6-10 backed out of his commitment to attend Boston College and play for Steve Donahue, a parade of programs have entered his recruiting picture, namely, Penn, Minnesota, Iowa State, Penn State, Northwestern, and Marquette. Noreen recently visited Northwestern and is expected to visit Indiana and Providence.

And from the class of 2011...

Chasson Randle (Rock Island HS) Rock Island, IL, 6-1 told GoldandBlack.com that he does not expected to make a college decision until the late sigining period in 2011. He is being courted by Harvard and numerous BCS programs.

Andre Hollins (White Station HS) Memphis, TN, 6-2 as offers from Ole Miss, Virginia Tech, Stanford and Harvard according to VandySports.com.

A third guard with an offer from Harvard, as well as from St. Mary's, is Spenpencer Dinwiddie (Taft HS) Los Angeles, CA 6-2.

Malcolm Gilbert (Academy of the New Church HS) Bryn Athyn, PA, 6-11, told Scout.com that Marquette, Georgetown, Harvard, Penn, St. Joseph’s, La Salle, Temple, Villanova, Tennessee, Florida State, Florida, Xavier, Rice, Texas, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Penn State, Kansas, North Carolina, Duke, Drexel, Maryland, and Notre Dame are among the numerous schools showing him varying degrees of interest.


Anonymous said...

Amazing to see Hahvard listed on recruiting all these guys along with all these BCS schools

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

It means nothing. Harvard hasn't picked up any of these kids and we've been through this each year the last three years.

Most of these kids do like to list Harvard because it reflects well on their academic profile. It says, "look at me, I am smart too." But in terms of actual effects, Harvard has yet to land a single kid with a BCS offer.

Harvard's basketball program does talk a good game.

But the reality is that Harvard is still a mid pack Ivy team with subpar facilities and little tv exposure. Hard for Harvard to offer anything of basketball value.

Anonymous said...

Agree that Harvard doesn't have great facilities and a questionable bench coach. However, they've had some pretty good recruits the last couple of years.

Wright, when healthy, is a good Ivy League post player. Casey looks like he'll be an All-Ivy type player the next 3 years, and Curry was arguably Harvard's best player down the stretch.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

And none of those guys are BCS level talents.

Anonymous said...

Until proven otherwise, BCS-level or not, Harvard appears to have the most individual talent in the league. We will ultimately see at game time.

However, as ANON8:08 appears to say, given the past three years results on the court as the talent level has clearly improved, what the Crimson continues to lack is solid game-day coaching. Injuries not withstanding, their poor performance against the top two teams in the league last year plus too many unseemingly struggles against the league's mid-level participants attests to that.

Anonymous said...

Casey was offered at BCS Schools!!

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Not the case.

Anonymous said...

I see it as almost impossible that Harvard isn't favored next year. It should be considered a failure of their overhaul effort if they don't win; conditions couldn't be more perfect.

If I'm not mistaken, their entire roster next year will be Amaker recruits. I don't know if they're BCS talent, but as recruits they were ranked well above the rest of the league.

The roster will be composed of experienced junior and seniors who have seen considerable playing time. Th class had no juniors this year and Lin was the only senior who saw major minutes. The frosh/sophs therefore played a lot.

In fact it will be Cornell that will be inexperienced, with only one guy who averaged more than 11 minutes a game this year. Think of how incredibly lopsided that is compared to the rest of the league.

The tables are turned.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, your bad, ANON 1230PM. Seniors Magnarelli and Miller both averaged 15-20mpg... pretty major and essential minutes in the 2009-10 rotation. Harvard will also have zero seniors on its roster next year. Check those facts, man!

You're skirting the key issue. Since coming to the league, Amaker is 1-5 against Princeton and was 1-5 against Cornell, including getting zipped in 2009-10 with his best team. There is little indication that he can coach his team to wins in big games. (Don't try to tell me beating Skinner's lackadaisical sub-.500 teams at BC was BIG!) Until this problem is rectified, it is hard to see Harvard as the real league favorite.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Say what you want about Harvard and its fans, but they definitely know how to talk a good game.

Now there is just the small part of actually playing the game.

Anonymous said...

I said this a few months ago, and I'll say it again:

Why does Harvard get a free pass into being great, when we've worked so hard to earn it?

Last season many people were all about Harvard being so good and contending for the league and playing in the tournament. They did neither. They have not proven themselves yet. Until they do prove themselves, let's just shutup about how good their recruits are. Because if they were/are that good, where are the results.

I'm with the blog here in that "Harvard's basketball program (,fans, & idiots alike) does talk a good game"...but they just don't play one.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

When Harvard wins an Ivy title, we can all celebrate their Shop Rite excursions and visits to playground courts during NCAA non-contact periods.

We will also applaud the reduced admissions standards and the increased financial aid.

Besides the recruiting violations and the lower standards of "student-athlete," the silliness of Harvard is having an alumnus write an article for Sports Illustrated, only to have the team finish in 3rd place in the Ivy League and fail to earn one of 97 spots in the NCAA Tournament or NIT.

The silliness of Harvard is the obnoxious overhyping and marketing of a player that never won an Ivy title and never earned player of the year in his own league.

Real champions don't cheat or cut corners. Real champions walk the walk and do more than just talk.

Anonymous said...

Magnarelli was injured for most of Ivy play, actually (and most of his career); his minutes are probably in fewer games. Don't know about Miller though.

Anonymous said...

Miller scored 4 ppg and wasn't a major contributor to points. Magnarelli missed all of last year and eight of this year's Ivy games. Lin was the only major contributing senior, the rest of the work was done by underclassmen, who will all be back.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Harvard's best games were the nonconference games, namely again William & Mary, UConn, Boston College and GW.

The seniors played very big roles in those games.

Harvard lost momentum during the Ivy season and was unable to compete with Cornell or Princeton for a title.

Anonymous said...

BRF has a point about the iffy recruiting tactics, but his statement about Harvard not landing a single BCS-offered recruit is plain wrong. Curry was offered by Stanford. Kenyi was offered by Marquette. Van Nest was offered by Northwestern. Okam turned down Vandy.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Each of those statements are absolutely false.

Curry was never offered by Stanford.

Kenyi was never offered by Marquette.

Van Nest was never offered by Northwestern.

Okam was never offered Vandy.

While each of these kids received varying levels of recruiting attention from these schools listed, notwithstanding anything you read on the internet, we know as a matter of fact that none of those scholarships were in fact offered.

Anonymous said...

"...notwithstanding anything you read on the internet, we know as a matter of fact that none of those scholarships were in fact offered."

Well, I'm just going by what I've read, and this blog is an internet source after all. So I don't know what to believe.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

At least you acknowledge no inside information.

Do you honestly and truly believe that Harvard has a half dozen BCS recruits on their team and finished 3rd in the Ivy and lost games to teams like Army?


Van Nest, Curry, Kenyi et al had some nice low and mid major offers, but nothing from the BCS.

Okum's best offer was from Loyola Marymount, the annual doormat in the WCC. He also had Penn on him.

Casey was told by two BCS schools to do a postgrad season. If he did, he'd be at a high level.

Casey did have some A-10 offers, including UMass. He's a special player, but the rest of the team was considered fairly typical recruits of the Ivies.

Anonymous said...

I know all the Harvard players and I know for a FACT that each one of them was offered scholarships at Kentucky, Duke, and UCLA.

Anonymous said...

I hope all this is all just motivating Errick Peck, Josh Figini, and the rest of the Cornell underclassmen. Their most experienced veteran is a 6'0" soph who looks like a little boy. Most of them have been on the bench all year longing to prove themselves. They really will be the underdogs next year and I bet it'll just make them determined, not intimidated.

Anonymous said...

I love the Harvard hate on here, Harvard SUCKS!

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

We can't speak for our readers, but we don't hate Harvard.

What we do hate is the cheating, the lowering of academic standards, the compromising of the League's ideals with financial aid, and the excessive and undeserved PR campaigning.

During '07-'08, Brown was a very good 11-3 team. We didn't have one bad thing to say about them. They did it the right way.

Can't say the same for Harvard.

Anonymous said...

"Do you honestly and truly believe that Harvard has a half dozen BCS recruits on their team and finished 3rd in the Ivy and lost games to teams like Army?"

I hope that's not your proof. Plenty of BCS teams made up of 100% BCS recruits (obviously) lose to bad (even terrible) teams once or twice a year And Harvard did have injuries in Ivy play. Also, these recruits are underclassmen, so they're going to falter badly every now and then.

I'm sure you have reliable inside info, but these recruiting sites -- while not very reliable -- have more unbiased sources than yours. Their top recruits do tend to receive more BCS interests (if not offers) than anyone else.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

We have information from first hand sources close to the situations.

Those offers never happened.

If you feel like picking a fight about something that never happened, go mention the alleged Stanford scholarship offer to Curry on Bootleg.com's message forum. You'll be laughed off the board.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 5:41 pm,
I don't know how well you can HONESTLY say you know these players, because there is no way IF they received offers from those schools they would have choosen Harvard over any of them!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hear the entire Harvard team is going to move to France next year and compete in the top pro league there.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the transfer that you indicated may be the best player on the team next year? Is that still in the works?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

"Whatever happened to the transfer that you indicated may be the best player on the team next year? Is that still in the works?"

-- DEFINITELY still in the works.

Anonymous said...

"I hope all this is all just motivating Errick Peck, Josh Figini, and the rest of the Cornell underclassmen. Their most experienced veteran is a 6'0" soph who looks like a little boy..."

I hope I'm just misreading this, but is this an attempted pot-shot at Wrobo? The guy who came in and filled in for an injured vet so admirably as a FRESHMAN that he earned himself a starting spot on the legendary/epic/ranked 2009-2010 squad alongside the big three? The 6'0" soph who was lauded by Jim Boeheim after the Syracuse game? That guy? Really? I'd take him over Kyle Casey/whatever Harvard vet you can name any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:43

Well, Will Barrett chose Princeton over an offer from Michigan. Don't know what the situation is with Harvard's recruits, but it can happen -- unless you've got NBA talent, the promise of major PT and an Ivy degree is pretty enticing (vs. being a scrub on a BCS team).

Anonymous said...

I wrote that comment, and it wasn't a shot at Wrobo, trust me. I love the guy and love how you'd never guess what a flawless a player he is by looking at him. It's like Pete Thamel saying he looks like an acapella singer ... he's the unlikeliest hero. He too has joked multiple times about how people say he looks like a little boy.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

True on Will Barrett, but Michigan is a unique situation. They run a Princeton offense like Northwestern. Not exactly the most athletic team in the world.

Anonymous said...

Michigan runs the same offense Cornell did the past few years. Beilein brought it from West Virginia, where he taught it to Spiker, who brought it to Cornell. Your correct that it is very unique though