Wednesday, May 5, 2010

News and Notes

Below, some news and notes...
  • Photographed, Cornell's Alex Tyler and Mark Coury appear with Alabama forward Justin Knox. The photo is used in connection with a Tuscaloosa Times story on how Knox is attempting to transfer from Alabama. Cornell beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa on November 14, 2009.
  • Chris Wroblewski was named among the "Top 15 Sophomore Athletes of 2009-10" by the Cornell Daily Sun.
Louis Dale: Passed his swim test!

Jeff Foote: Even though he mentioned hating squirrels, he recently rescued a baby squirrel that got trapped in his window.


Chris Wroblewski: One Tree Hill just came back on last Monday, and he is pumped.

His alarm clock is still Miley Cyrus.

The UMass coach was right when he predicted Cornell a Sweet 16 team.

Jasmine’s theory that Cornell is the best team in the country works for the second year in a row (Cornell beat Wisconsin, who beat Duke).


I have played Super Smash Brothers with Ski.

I’ve run into Max at parties and am always happy to see him!

I cheered on Lou and Foote during their intramural softball game. Go Dog Pound!


Anonymous said...

Foote playing softball - that's got to be an interesting sight.

Anonymous said...

obviously he plays first base...also they are the sorest losers ive ever seen

Anonymous said...

The "Max" in this article is not Max Groebe. Its Max Constant the polo player. If you read the whole article that is pretty clear

Anonymous said...

Is Justin Knox a possible Cornell transfer?? A 3.6 GPA and a place he could get more minutes?