Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big Red Still Dancing

The SlopeTV production, "Single Ladies," a music video featuring Cornell basketball players, Ryan Wittman, Jeff Foote and Louis Dale, was highlighted on NBC Sports' "Out of Bounds" blog. NBC writes:

Cornell basketball team would like you to put a ring on it

So here we have Cornell basketball players Ryan Wittman, Jeff Foote and Louis Dale, along with three members of the Cornell men's hockey team, recreating the Beyonce dance video All the Single Ladies. Why?, you may be asking God right now? It's to promote Duff Ball 2010, which is Cornell's "senior prom" event for the graduating class, and also a fundraiser for the United Way of Tompkins County. And so my dream of getting out of 2010 without seeing a 7-footer do "the pussycat crouch" goes down in flames.

If Wittman isn't a landslide victor for Duff Ball King after this, there is no justice.

Duff Ball 2010 [The Cornell Basketball Blog]


Anonymous said...

I love that video, these guys are the best

Anonymous said...

i would say, in order of best dancers:
1. Louis
2. Foote
3. Wittman

lets hope they stay away from the dancefloor

Anonymous said...

yea right look at how awkward foote is...and i thought wittman was pretty smooth

we can agree on one thing though they are better than the hockey players

Anonymous said...

Got to go with Foote #1.

Anonymous said...

Kentucky is just lucky they didn't play Cornell in a dance off. J Wall and Cousins have nothing on us.