Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cornell Basketball in the News: Big Red Give New Meaning to "Going to the Big Dance"

The following comes from The Dagger at in reference to the Duff Ball video which featured the dancing skills of several Cornell basketball players.

Ryan Wittman, Louis Dale and Jeff Foote built up enough favor at Cornell by leading the basketball program to its first-ever Sweet 16 berth that they could probably do anything short of robbing a bank at gunpoint without jeopardizing their status at the school.

Maybe that's why the three seniors felt comfortable donning skin-tight black tank tops and joining three Cornell hockey players in a promotional dance video emulating Beyonce's "Single Ladies." The promo was for this Saturday's 2010 Duff Ball, a senior prom of sorts for Cornell's graduating class.

With all due respect to Wittman's ridiculous shades and Dale's enthusiasm and rhythm, the true star of this video is clearly Foote. You haven't lived until you've seen a wiry 7-footer in a backwards camouflage cap and oversized sun glasses attempt to execute Beyonce's six dance steps, apparently known as the hip shake, the pump walk, the put a ring on it, the wind down, the spank it and the pussycat crouch.

Of course, Wittman does have some bragging rights over his dance partners in at least one respect: Guess who's one of the six nominees to be Cornell's King of the Duff Ball?

(Thanks, Cornell Basketball Blog)


Anonymous said...

They will regret that forever, they probably never figured the national media would pick up on it

Anonymous said...

Its a good thing they have a better sense of humor than you do

Anonymous said...

First of all you guys have to understand that this was all done for charity (The United Way). So was for a good cause.

Second of all, the Hockey Team did something like this 2 years ago for the same charity and for Duff Ball to the tune of Bye Bye Bye and it got picked up by Sports Illustrated. They knew.

They don't care. These are good kids. It's really not a big deal.

This Tom Lee guy did a good job producing it.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The video was produced by Slope Media.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the Tom Lee guy for Slope Media produced it to promote selling tickets for Duff Ball whose proceeds go to the United Way.

Hence making the video for charity.

Anonymous said...

Well that makes sense sort of if it was for charity