Friday, May 14, 2010

Cornell Dancing Hoopsters Continue to Draw Attention

(Photo, Cornell Daily Sun)
The SlopeTV production, "Single Ladies," a music video featuring Cornell basketball players, Ryan Wittman, Jeff Foote and Louis Dale, is now shown on the Sporting News website after making appearances on NBC Sports and YahooSports/ The Sporting News writes:

Remember when Cornell made a brilliant run to the Sweet Sixteen and we fell all over ourselves calling them a Cinderella story? Well, they put on their dancing shoes to prove that, once again, this Cinderella wasn't quite ready to be the belle of the ball.

I'm not exactly thrilled by this zany-cast-of-characters-doing-the-"Single Ladies"-dance meme surviving into mid-2010, but anything that gives the world wiry seven-footer Jeff Foote doing what he does in this video (with a cap and shades on!) can't be all that bad. I imagine this will be a successful promo video for Duff Ball, the pseudo-prom Cornell throws for graduating seniors.

I can't imagine Cornell teammates of Foote, Ryan Wittman, and Louis Dale ever looking at them the same way again.

(HT: Slope Media & Cornell Basketball Blog via The Dagger.)

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