Friday, May 21, 2010

News and Notes for Friday

Below, some news and notes...
  • Shiga Lakestars coach Bob Pierce of Japan's BJ-League, told the Japan Times, "Ryan Rourke [Cornell '06] came to play in Shiga for less money than he made in Portugal, but knowing he could trust that he would be paid and wouldn't have to fight management every month to collect a paycheck."
  • The Unlikely Fan blog compares each of the 32 World Cup teams to various college and pro teams from other sports. The author compares Switzerland to Cornell and writes, "Not a great team, but they’ll beat you if you’re not careful. Fundamentally sound, if lacking great athleticism. Also, they all probably have rich parents."


Moosehead said...

ESPN's John Hollinger has Jeff Foote listed as a first-round talent (19th overall) with his projected Draft Rater column. I think Foote still needs to improve his footwork, but he deserves the recognition.

Draft Rater also ranked Jeremy Lin 34th.

As a rule, Hollinger is one of the few NBA columnists I listen to carefully.

Anonymous said...

No, his formula lists Foote #19. It's not him saying he's a first round talent (Hollinger even says that he's a late 2nd round sleeper to keep an eye on).

Nevertheless, it's still impressive that he made that list, although it'd be interesting to see how its handled small school players in the past.