Saturday, May 22, 2010

News and Notes: Saturday Edition

Below, some news and notes...

  • A fact not known by many followers of the Cornell basketball program, but rising junior Max Groebe led the team in three-point shooting percentage, hitting 23/41 from beyond the arc for a sizzling 56.1 percent accuracy. Groebe showcased his explosive scoring potential knocking in 13 points in 18 minutes against Bryant on January 2 and pumping in 15 points in 16 minutes on January 29 against Dartmouth.
  • John Hollinger of ranks Cornell's Jeff Foote as the No. 19 prospect in the 2010 NBA Draft. Hollinger writes, "Jeff Foote, on the other hand … now that's a name that will shock people, just as soon as they figure out who the heck he is. The 7-footer for Cornell shot 62.5 percent his senior year and had deceptively strong rebound and block totals for a slow-paced team. He might face more difficulty outside the Lilliputian Ivy League -- my analysis is schedule-adjusted, but I'm open to the idea that it might imperfectly accommodate such glaring size differences. Nonetheless, he's at least a name worth storing away as a late second-round sleeper."
  • writes, "In other scheduling news, our Syracuse blog, Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician, has a post about a Syracuse-N.C. State home-and-home that will start with the coming season. That series is just another addition to non-conference schedules for both teams that already include some nice matchups. The Orange play Michigan State in the Jimmy V Classic (sorry, Sean, I'm not going to pump the Cornell game up that much because of all they lost after their Sweet 16 run) and will face two of Georgia Tech, Michigan, and UTEP in Atlantic City for the Legends Classic."
  • Fran Dunphy spoke with this week on second-guessing himself after Temple's 78-65 loss to Cornell in the NCAA Tournament. Dunphy told OwlScoop:

    "We had done a really good job over the previous number of weeks, but we didn't play well against Cornell. They played really well and we didn't play well, and that's a formula for a loss that we took in the NCAA Tournament. We want to do well in every game that we play. If we had played really well and lost the game, then we gave it our best effort. That was the most troublesome thing for me. We were a step late in everything that we did.

    "So you reflect back. What we did was, we finished the season on Monday. We had three really tough games again (in the Atlantic 10 Tournament) Friday, Saturday, Sunday, so what do you do on Monday? You've got Cornell, you've got a lot of preparation to do. So what we decided to do was to give Lavoy, Juan (Fernandez), Luis (Guzman) and Ryan (Brooks), who had played the most minutes, to just shoot around. Don't do anything real physical. Just watch what it is that we're doing, but don't do anything physical. And then the rest of the guys who hadn't pushed themselves as much as those four guys did because of the minutes played, then we worked with them that give day. And we talked about Cornell and what they're going to present to us and those kinds of things, so that's where the second guessing comes in. But I think all coaches do that. What else can we do to getter? So that was one thing. Should we have just said to the whole squad, 'Go rest, do your stuff academically and let's get ready to get on the plane on Wednesday and play our best basketball game.' And we just didn't. We didn't play well, and that was disappointing."

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Anonymous said...

Not to go over this again, but everyone saw the game.

“… we didn’t play well. We were a step late in everything…” I’m very disappointed in Coach Dunphy for saying that. His kids deserve better.

The Owls shot 52% from the field (vs. their 44% average for the yr). Temple scored their usual number of points and had about their usual number of steals and TO’s, and shot FT’s like usual.

Cornell did get 6 "team rebounds (4 off)" vs 1 for the Owls. Cornell also had four more steals Owls and shot 56% from the field.

The Owls played a better than average game for them, NOT a poor one.

I think Coach might think about admitting that “Cornell was a step early in everything…”

Cornell outhustled the Owls to get nine more possessions. They shot 56% from the field. Nine extra possessions and 56% shooting will win a lot of games. Coach knows that.

Cornell won that game. Temple did not play poorly and lose.