Thursday, May 13, 2010

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Above, a 2009-2010 Cornell game program. Below, some news and notes...
  • The NCAA released its "Attendance Report" for the 2009-2010 college basketball season. The Ivy League ranked 23rd of the 31 Division I conferences in average home attendance.
  • We've "retweeted" several recent Twitter posts from members of Cornell's senior class-- predominantly from Jeff Foote, Louis Dale, and Jon Jaques, in which the former players ponder what the Big Red's preseason national ranking would be if the senior class could come back for one more season. Dale claims, "Legit national champion contenders," while Jaques wonders, "Top 10? 5? Too frustrating to think about," and Foote adds, " I wish we had one more year."
  • Dale, Foote and Ryan Wittman will play in a charity basketball game at Lansing High School according to the Ithaca Journal.
  • Cornell will have three seniors on the 2010-2011 roster. The three seniors will be entirely from the frontcourt, consisting of Aaron Osgood, Mark Coury and Adam Wire. Thus, Cornell's entire backcourt will return in tact for the following 2011-2012 season, along with key frontcourt players such as Anthony Gatlin and Errick Peck.


desertjim said...

mr blog, you are terrific. following cu hoops thru this exciting time has been a real highlight of my year. keep up the good work.and lets go red!!!

Anonymous said...

Due to compliance issues Dale, Foote, and Wittman are not allowed to participate in the fundraiser for the Lansing High School

Anonymous said...

"compliance issues"... NCAA or NBA Draft?