Thursday, May 20, 2010

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Below, some news and notes around the Ivy League...
  • ESPN's Jay Bilas ranks Ryan Wittman as the 79th best prospect in the upcoming NBA Draft. Harvard's Jeremy Lin is 94th.
  • Although no formal announcement has yet been made, Cornell has now officially hired as assistant coaches, Marlon Sears and Jay Larranaga.
  • Cornell's Aaron Osgood, a 6'9" rising senior tweets, "Great chat with coach Courtney. Got me real pumped for the summer."
  • Cornell sophomore, Errick Peck was the Big Red's 6th leading scorer in Ivy League play a year ago, averaging 5.1 points and 1.3 rebounds in just 9.1 minutes per game. He shot 54% from the floor against conference rivals.
  • A key edition for the Big Red during the 2010-2011 season is junior guard/forward, Anthony Gatlin. The 6'8" transfer from Centenary was considered a future All Summit League player before transferring to Cornell. One of Gatlin's notable performances for the Gents was a 13 points, 5 rebounds effort on December 1, 2007, leading Centenary to a 70-66 win over Texas Tech.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see ARO step it up next season. He showed me a lot in his limited minutes over the last 3 years, including a pretty midrange jumper and the ability to finish in transition

Anonymous said...

Again, so much anti-Harvard bias from you. Chad Ford has Lin ranked 86th overall and Wittman ranked 94th, but you don't post that. Also, you ignored this from Ford on Lin:

"I got some interesting feedback from teams about Harvard's Jeremy Lin. I wrote last week that I didn't think Lin was ready for the NBA and that I expected him to go undrafted after a workout I saw in Vegas. However, several teams have since told me they are considering Lin with a second-round pick.

Although they agreed with my assessment that he might struggle athletically, they also think his high basketball IQ and ability to score make him a legitimate prospect."

If you're going to compare Wittman and Lin, at least be fair when doing so.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Forde's ranking was previously posted.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but all you wrote was that Ford had both Wittman and Lin in the top 100, not that Lin was ranked higher.

Anonymous said...

There is no comparison.

Witt eats Lin's lunch every day of the week.

Pure shooter vs. Turnover Machine.

The turnover king's 15 minutes are up.


The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Wittman was player of the year and has three Ivy title rings.

Wittman was a rookie of the year.

Wittman earned 1st Team all conference three times and second team as a rookie.

The other player was a marketing effort with videos created by his athletics department, t-shirts made by his mom, and articles written by Harvard alums.

What are we disputing? Is there even a real debate?

Both are good players, but one was indeed better than the other.

Phil Connors said...

I really like this blog, but it is more of a "rah rah, go Cornell" blog than unbiased coverage. I wish you guys could be a little more third party in the coverage. For example, I am sure the back-ups from last year's Cornell team are great, but you guys don't even give any credence to the idea that they might not be ready to walk into starting roles at an Ivy League champs level. I understand getting people excited helps your traffic, and it is fine, but I would enjoy the blog more if you didn't respond to any conflicting viewpoints with snarky postings.

Anonymous said...

ANON: 6:50,

Beside the FACT that Witt is simply put the much better player, this is a Cornell b-ball blog.
If you want to read about Lin, go to the Harvard blog and read about this over-hyped player.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

There is not a single unbiased media source out there that REGULARLY covers Ivy League basketball.

The school newspapers are incredibly biased.

The local media (Trenton Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Ithaca Journal, Providence Journal, New Haven Register etc) are all biased.

As for next season's Cornell team, we never predicted a championship for them and will likely not vote for Cornell as the preseason favorite in the Ivy media poll.

We think Cornell has the potential to win it all. But right now our votes are 1. Harvard, 2. Penn, 3. Princeton, 4. Cornell.

Anonymous said...

Cornell's "backups" will win the title against the other teams' starters. Four-peat!

Anonymous said...

Why this blog's pathetic obsession with "trashing" Lin? Wittman and Lin are both wonderful players. They play completely different positions. Point guard and shooting forward require different skill sets. I would argue that better athletes would have caught many of Lin's passes. Most of his turnovers were on ambitious passes. The NBA scouts love Lin's passing ability. Both Wittman and Lin have a chance to make it as pros. That is good for the league as a whole. Stop the negative crap about Lin. It is undeserved, and boring to have to read endlessly on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I think people forget that this is a CORNELL BASKETBALL BLOG and not an Ivy League blog. Of course it is going to be geared towards Cornell and be in favor of Cornell over anyone else in the league.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Harvard fan, and I agree that Wittman is a better player than Lin. The argument was not who was the better player, if anything it was who is the better prospect, and if you're going to post one side of the debate that says Wittman's better, it's only fair to post the other side too. I really hope they both get drafted though, and think they both have the potential to play at the next level.

Anonymous said...

Lin v Wittman? Who cares?

The best Ivy pro prospect is Foote.

Ranked number 19(!) by John Hollinger's draft rater. Ok, he admits that his system might not adjust perfectly for the lower level in competition in the Ivy's. Still, fairly awesome for Jeff.

The article is on ESPN insider

Anonymous said...

We're not just going on blind guesses when we think Cornell can contend for the title, Phil Connors.

We won't have Witt, Foote, or Dale, but neither will anyone else in the Ivy League.The Ivy League just doesn't look very threatening, to be honest.

Anyone can challenge Princeton. The non-Lin members of the Harvard squad disappear against real competition. I'm talking against Cornell or UConn, not scoring 20 points against Brown. OTOH, there are guys on the Cornell squad that do not disappear against real competition. Like Wroblewski, who scored 20 points against Syracuse and 22 points against Seton Hall. Or Coury who filled in fine when Foote was in foul trouble against Kansas, pulling down 7 boards.

Even Adam Wire can impress against tough opponents when given adequate minutes, going 5 of 5 for 11 points against Seton Hall, who are rather tougher than, say, Yale.

Peck and Groebe can also produce 6 or 8 points in very few minutes against BCS schools.

If even 4 of the dozen or so others turn out to be decent, we have depth. I just don't see who we can't be considered to be in the mix for the title. The Ivy League isn't the Big East. It's rather mediocre, actually.

Anonymous said...

1) Clearly Wittman had the more distinguished college career.

2) Clearly Wittman had a lot more help on his team.

3) Clearly Lin has the better all-around skills.

4) Clearly Lin has a much, much better chance of being drafted and seeing significant minutes at the NBA/pro level. So does Foote, in fact.

5) Chill out...that includes you, Senor Mod.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Can't agree with Lin having a better shot at having an NBA career.

Wittman can earn a paycheck as a 12th man sniper. His shot is his calling card.

Foote is a big body with upside and some skill.

What does Lin have to offer? He is not as athletic as other NBA players. He is not an NBA shooter.

Lin might get drafted, but Wittman and Foote probably have better shots at landing on NBA rosters, either through free agency or after a year or two in Europe or in the D-League.

He was an outstanding college player, but he'd be exposed in the NBA.

Anonymous said...

Phil Connors, why must you always complain? If you don't like the blog, don't like the new coach, or the coach selection process, there is plenty of room on other bandwagons.

No such thing as unbiased, so, get off of your high horse, and mute it, pal.

Anonymous said...

What is an "OTOH?" Just curious....

Anonymous said...

Lin and Wittman are both great players. Both could have 10-year careers in the NBA. Every team needs a dead-eye shooter like Wittman. Every team could use an athletic 6'3" pg with high basketball iq that is unselfish and can attack the basket. I don't understand why you fools have to make it one or the other. You're all being childish.

Anonymous said...

For any of you who don't like it here, there is always Basketball-U.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say Lin has a better shot at having an NBA career -- I said he has a better shot at playing significant minutes. Wittman could be Kapono-esque sniper for years, but he has basically zero chance of ever seeing 20+ minutes per game. Lin's chances are hardly great, but I suppose he has an outside chance at a Jose Barea-type role with his more well-rounded skillset.

Foote is the biggest question mark amongst the three. He's a legit 7 footer who can pass and block shots, but the rest of his game is still so raw. I think he'd benefit the most from a D-league stint.

Anonymous said...

OTOH= On the other hand...