Tuesday, May 11, 2010

News and Notes: Tuesday Edition

Above, the cover and the score sheet from a January 5, 1942, Cornell-Syracuse game program. Below, some news and notes for Tuesday...
  • TheMasonBench.com interviewed George Mason head coach, Jim Larranaga. Below is an excerpt of the interview:
TMB: Since you have been at Mason, you’ve had some special bonds with some of your assistant coaches. One that has stood out in my mind is the relationship you have with Bill Courtney. Coach Courtney was very complementary of you during his press conference at Cornell. How excited were you when you heard the news that Bill was named head coach at Cornell?

Coach L: "Bill was an instrumental part of our program from 1997 to 2005. Before that, I hired him to be my assistant at Bowling Green State University. During those nine years we became very close. We spent a lot of time together on the court and off the court. We traveled a good bit together on the circuit recruiting, so I really got to know Bill and appreciate him and value his contribution to our program.

When the head coaching job at Columbia opened up, Bill had called me and asked if I knew anyone in New York that might be able to help him get involved with the Columbia job. I told him I would check with some friends and one of the guys I called happened to be a Cornell grad and he lives in New York City. I said to him I have a great candidate for the Columbia job and do you know anybody there? He said, "Wait, what about Cornell?" So, he made a call and was able to get him on the list of candidates. The Athletic Director ended up calling me and asking me for a recommendation. I gave him the highest endorsement I could and Bill ended up obviously doing a great job on the interview and ultimately accepted the position. I’m very, very excited and happy for him."

TMB: Recently, your son Jay was named an assistant coach at Cornell. When he told you that he wanted to get into coaching, was this something you were excited about or were you more cautious because you know how tough a profession coaching can be?

Coach L: "Well, when Bill came to Bowling Green State University my son Jay was a senior on that team. Bill had the opportunity to coach him for that year. When we moved on to George Mason University, Jay moved on to play professional basketball. While Jay was living in France, Bill and his wife got married and they honeymooned where Jay and his wife were living. They became very good fiends and continued to be good friends. When Bill was offered the job, Jay made him aware of his interest to get into college coaching.

I would have been excited for Jay no matter what profession he choose to pursue... Jay had the experience of coaching the Irish National team the last two summers. I’m very happy and excited for him. I think it’s wonderful that Jay and Bill Courtney will be working together. Bill will be a wonderful mentor for Jay in teaching him what college coaching is all about, but I also think Jay will be a tremendous contributor for Bill because he’s got an outstanding basketball mind and he’s a very good teacher and knows the game."
  • The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes, "Sophomore Chris Wroblewski had 12 points and three rebounds in Cornell’s 87-69 victory over UW in March in Jacksonville, Fla. Senior Louis Dale was the primary point guard but Wroblewski played both guard spots and should be the No. 1 point guard for the Big Red next season."
  • We made an edit to the tentative 2010-2011 schedule that we previously posted. We are told that Cornell's meeting with St. Bonaventure is a home game in Newman Arena.


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