Wednesday, May 19, 2010

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Below, some news and notes...

  • Tampa Bay Online published a story announcing the commitment of walk-on recruit, Jamal Cherry. Yesterday we posted a story from on the commitment.

Terrapins' Cherry, Heath to be college walk-ons

Tampa Prep senior guards Jamal Cherry and Jordan Heath, starters on the Terrapins' Class 2A state runner-up team, are planning to continue to play basketball in college.

Cherry will walk on at Cornell, and Heath, the son of University of South Florida men's coach Stan Heath, will walk on at USF, Tampa Prep coach Joe Fenlon said.

Cherry, 6-foot-4, was Tampa Prep's second-leading scorer last season, averaging 13.0 points per game as well as 4.6 rebounds and 2.5 assists. He ended his career with 1,295 points and played in the state tournament in three of his four varsity seasons. Cherry was named a Tampa Bay Basketball Coaches Association All-Star and was selected to the Tribune's All-Hillsborough County second team.

Cornell advanced to the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Tournament last season. Cherry will be reunited with former Berkeley Prep rival Johnathan Gray, who walked on to Cornell's team last season.

Heath, a 6-0 left-hander and two-year starter, averaged 3.9 points and 2.3 assists per game for the state-ranked Terrapins.

  • With the addition of transfer, Andrew Ferry, Cornell continues its longstanding practice of landing late recruiting coups via available transfers. During 2010-2011, the Big Red roster will feature four former Division I transfers. Below is a list of Cornell's transfers since the 1999-2000 season.
*1999-2000-Greg Barratt 6’9”- Utah Valley State via Univ. of Utah
*2000-2001-Ryan Cheesman 6’6” Utah Valley State
*2002-2003-Jed Ronalds 6'10" Univ. California at San Diego
*2003-2004-Stevan Marcetic 6’9” Bradley University
*2004-2005-Ryan Rourke 6’8” Mesa College via Air Force
*2005-2006-Ugo Ihekweazu 6’5” Wofford College
*2005-2006-Jason Hartford 6’9” Chemeketa Community College
*2007-2008-Collin Robinson 6’0” University of Southern California
*2007-2008-Jeff Foote 7’0” St. Bonaventure
*2007-2008-Andre Wilkins 6’5” Blinn College
*2008-2009-Marc Van Burck 6'11" Salt Lake C.C. via University of Colorado
*2008-2009-Max Groebe 6'4" University of Massachusetts (currently active)
*2008-2009-Mark Coury 6'9" University of Kentucky (currently active)
*2009-2010-Anthony Gatlin 6'8" Centenary College (currently active)
*2010-2011-Andrew Ferry 6'2" Valpo. Univ./Palm Beach St. (currently active)


DC said...

Groebe and Coury are gonna have to step up big time this year. Watching Groebe warm up, you can tell he's got a perfect shooting stroke that's easy to get off at any time. I wouldn't be surprised to see him end the season near the top of the record books for single-season 3-pt's made.

I like having 3 real offensive threats next year in Wrobo, Groebe, and Peck. What I really like about them is that they are versatile and can get their buckets both inside and outside, which makes them more difficult to defend. I wish the season wasn't 5 months away.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

You leave out Ferry. Not only can that kid shoot as well as anyone in the program, he has a pretty good handle with the ball.

Certainly not as strong with the ball as Wrobo or Dale, but definitely more effective than Reeves or Groebe.

In some ways, Ferry and Wrobo are more dangerous than Dale and Wrobo.

Scelfo is also incredible with the basketball in his hands. He is a pure point point guard who just knows where to pass the ball and can shoot from deep. He could contribute right away as well.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no way that Ferry and Wrobo are more dangerous than Dale and Wrobo. Dale was a player of the year, come on

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Ferry is a better shooter, and 3 point basket is worth more than a 2 point basket.

No doubt that Lou is a better rebounder and probably a better defender. Lou is also better off the dribble. But Ferry is a stellar shooter.

Anonymous said...

To say that Ferry and Wrobo are better is just plain silly. We're talking about replacing Dale, who was POTY as a sophomore, 3-time first team, and arguably the best penetrating guard in the conference in the last decade.

He wasn't the greatest outside shooter, but also no slouch. Also, he had to shoot off the dribble, which is much more difficult than a catch and shoot.

Finally, Dale made EVERYONE around him better.

Anonymous said...

Why stop in 1999? Eddie Samuel, Alex Compton and John "Al" McCord were all transfers to Cornell in the mid 1990s that had some sort of All Ivy Status. McCord was first team All Ivy, I think.

DC said...

I am not sure if Lou was the best penetrator of the decade. I think that would be Ibby Jaaber who is now a stud in Euroleague. That guy could really do it all including getting a ton of steals.

Anonymous said...

You guys are all wrong-- penetration means getting into the lane... Forte and Dale and by far the top two of the previous decade. Jaaber was a Big East point guard playing in the Ivy League. Physically imposing, yet not necessarily the type that got into the at will a la Dale and Forte!

Anonymous said...

Just listen to what you're saying...who cares about three point shooting or whatever your criteria is...Andrew Ferry??? + Ski > Louis Dale + Ski...are you kidding me. Just say that out loud to yourself 5 times and you will laugh. Come on man. If Ferry turns out to be an Ivy League player of the year I will stand corrected, but really?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

You folks are comparing apples with oranges. Dale was a point guard. Ferry is a shooting guard.

We are not claiming that one is better than the other.

We are saying that a Wroblewski and Ferry backcourt could be extremely tough to defend. Both players could shoot over 45% from beyond the arc and both players can move well with the basketball.

Anonymous said...

Right on 6:51!
What is 164-406 (0.403)? Yes, that is Lou's career 3pt record.

What is the NCAA D-1 average 3pt%? 0.343±0.029.

What does that say? Lou was better at hitting 3's than 98% of the players who take the D-1 court.

I hope Drew is better than that. I really do. Better than 98.1% of all D-1 players at shooting the 3. That would be stupendous!

But, let's be reasonable.
Quit speculating about the relative future and respect the rarity of what Lou achieved.
Just let Drew step on the court and show us without burdening him (and Max!) with all the ridiculous, unneeded hyperbole.

q'nis said...

When I look at that picture I think Wrobo cop 5 is coming out.