Wednesday, May 26, 2010

News and Notes

Below, some news and notes...

  • The Cornell Club of Boston presents as a special guest, Steve Donahue, the former Cornell men's basketball coach and current Boston College coach at the Cornell Club of Boston's annual meeting. The theme for the evening is "The Cornell Cinderella Story - A Courtside Evening with Coach Steve Donahue." The event is Thursday, June 3, 2010 at the Marriott Courtyard - Boston Downtown. Visit the Cornell Club of Boston website for more details.
  • Speaking of Donahue, Boston College signed this week, 6'6" Danny Rubin from the Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland. His coach Andy Luther told that although Rubin's commitment might seem a little out of the blue to outsiders, it was actually a long process in the making. "It was late in the process and Danny had not signed any papers with other schools yet. He was admitted and was going to attend another school and be a preferred walk on. Coach Donahue and Coach Graham were recruiting Danny and came down and visited him in the spring last year and again this past fall. They stayed in touch and came and watched him play throughout the winter and really were evaluating him for Cornell. I think they wanted guys who could shoot like Danny but were probably about 3 or 4 inches taller, Danny is about 6'5". So as you know when they went to BC they were down to 8 scholarship players after a few guys left, and they were all Al Skinner's guys running his patented flex offense. None of those guys had played the same kind of wide open spread them out "5 around" or "4 out 1 in" offense that Cornell loves to run. Danny is more of that kind of player. So in the end it was a god fit," said Luther. Donahue and Boston College also recently signed 6'7" Eddie Odio from Christopher Columbus High School in Miami, FL. Odio told that he was also recruited by Donahue and Graham while they were coaching at Cornell.
  • ESPN's Andy Katz explained in his column that the NCAA organized a mock NCAA Tournament bracket exercise at the National Association of Basketball Coaches two weeks ago in Indianapolis. The coaches serving on the mock committee used this past season's results to build a 2010 bracket and coincidentally duplicated some first-round matchups. "We followed all the rules," said St. Joseph's coach, Phill Martelli. "And yet we ended up still having Cornell playing Temple and Villanova playing Robert Morris. It wasn't contrived. It was eerie."


q'nis said...

This is not boding well for Donahue early on. It seems like all his recruits are IVY league guys. He is probably going to need a couple years and some success to get the recruiting going. Boston College fans are not going to be happy about winning recruiting battles with Cornell and Brown. They want to win battles with UVA, Maryland and VA tech.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...


You are too kind.

B.C. fans want to win recruiting battles with Duke and Carolina.

But you can't expect Donahue to land at BC in April and start bringing in McDonalds All Americans in his first 4 weeks.

They will turn the program around with hard working kids.

Anonymous said...

Since he won't win in the ACC with those guys anyway, why doesn't he just leave them for us :)

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm just not gonna worry about CoachD and his recruiting at BC. I don't think he went there without a plan.

If you check the condition of things by the end of CoachD's first year at Cornell, he had lined up the likes of Toppert, Taylor, and Vandenberg to join Barnes and Prather.

Chris Vandenberg was a skilled big man to the tune of 6'10" or 6'11" 245lbs. When he was healthy enough to be on the floor, he played darn well. He just had some unfortunate injuries that got too much in the way.

Of course, we will never, ever know. Things might have unfolded alot faster for CoachD with a healthy Chris Vandenberg playing the "5" and Eric Taylor manning his more natural "4."

Anonymous said...