Tuesday, June 1, 2010

News and Notes: Early Evening Edition

Above, Cornell's Ryan Wittman (No. 21) pulls up for a jumper during a Washington Wizards workout/tryout earlier today, while his father, Randy Wittman (in white shirt), an assistant with the Wizards looks on. Below, some additional news and notes...
  • HotStoveNewYork.com lists the players that the New York Knicks have invited to workout/tryout to date, including Cornell's Jeff Foote.
  • The Knoxville News Sentinel confirms that incoming Cornell recruit, Dwight Tarwater, a 6'6" forward will participate in the Rocky Top Summer League, which typically attracts top collegiate players throughout the region. Tarwater has been described as possessing the athleticism and physicality qualities of Cornell players such as Adam Wire, Geoff Reeves and Errick Peck.
  • Below, some Ryan Wittman and Louis Dale season highlights which found their way onto YouTube.

Above, Cornell's Ryan Wittman is mobbed by the media at the Washington Wizards practice facility earlier today.


TJ said...

Great videos. CBRF, can you repost the one from earlier this year where the tremendous ball movement was featured? Guys were passing up shots continually to give to the more-open man, turning down open shots. I can't remember where that was and don't know how to find it. If you know which one I mean, please put it up again.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

If you knew the game, the video could be posted again, but otherwise, not sure which video is the right one.

q'nis said...

I think TJ is referring to the away game at Brown(maybe Yale). In the video I'm thinking of Foote does a nice spin move/dunk. The video was from Slope, and I think it was also the game where they hit like 19 or 20 threes.

Anonymous said...

tj is referring to this video:


one of the best passing displays ive ever seen