Friday, June 18, 2010

News and Notes: Friday Edition, Foote Signs with Israeli Club

Below, some news and notes for Friday...
  • notes that Wake Forest A.D., Ron Welman "was sitting courtside [during the 2010 NCAA Tournament] while coaches such as Steve Don[a]hue (Cornell) and Brad Stevens (Butler) made their marks. Most would argue that those coaches were doing it with less talent than Wake had. Wellman couldn’t help but notice [Cornell's and Butler's] crisp offenses, tight defenses and team spirit."


Anonymous said...

The article mentions that Foote is likely to be loaned out to another team next year. Makes sense-- Maccabi almost never signs players directly out of college, so they will likely wait for him to develop elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

At least two unoffical Knicks feeds I subscribe to are saying this means no Foote for Knicks in a way that sounds like they're somewhat disappointed. Thankfully, none of these are official Knicks feeds, so I don't know what's happening in official Knicks heads.

I thought he could still be available for American teams. I am afraid the twittersphere is now interpreting he is off the market. What is the situation??

One of the feeds also re-tweeted a more recent, revived "Wittman to Switzerland" story that is being reported alongside "Jeff to Israel" news.