Monday, June 7, 2010

News and Notes: Monday Edition, Wittman with Kings Today

Below, some news and notes...
  • Both the Sacramento Bee and the Syracuse Post Standard reference Ryan Wittman's workout with the Sacramento Kings today. Also on the pro prospect front, Louis Dale tweeted on June 4, "Waiting/Looking for an opportunity..." In terms of agent representation, Dale is signed with World Wide Hoops while Ryan Wittman has signed with Mark Termini Associates Inc.
  • wrote on Friday, "Great story today by’s Dana O’Neil about Bill Courtney, the new head honcho at Cornell, and his boundless optimism. He definitely seems like the kind of guy for whom it would not just be fun to play, but maybe play hoops with, as O’Neil references in the article. It’s tough taking over a program that just had one of its best seasons and just lost its key players, but it sounds like Courtney will enjoy and smile right through any weighty expectations."
  • In reference to Cornell's victory over Temple in the first round of the 2010 NCAA Tournament, A-10 Commissioner, Bernadette McGlade told FlyerHoopsNet last week in an interview, "I can't say that I was surprised at the five seed. I was disappointed because when you know you can be a four or a five seed you always want the higher seed. That's such a swing seed having been on the women's side of the selection committee. That's a big difference. I think the other thing that was a little bit disappointing - it wasn't just a pure coincidence when they were matched up with their 12 seed - they were matched up with Cornell. I think the added emotion of the connection between the coaching staff's and the familiarity made that a much more challenging situation for Temple. When you're the higher seeded team in many respects you should have the advantage."
BOSTON COLLEGE: It's been a busy offseason for the Eagles with Steve Donahue replacing Al Skinner as head coach. Donahue's staff consists of Joe Jones (Columbia head coach), Nat Graham (Cornell), Akbar Waheed (Niagara) and DBO Woody Kampmann (Cornell). BC will play in the Old Spice Classic in Orlando and also has non-conference games against Indiana at home (Dec. 1) in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, at UMass (Dec. 4), against Providence (Dec. 8) and at South Carolina (Jan. 1). Three players transferred out: Rakim Sanders (Fairfield), Brady Heslip and Evan Ravenel.
  • We've previously posted a substantial portion of Cornell's 2010-2011 schedule, which includes the following games:
at Syracuse
at Minnesota
at Seton Hall
vs. St. Bonaventure
vs. Buffalo
at Virginia Commonwealth Tournament (with VCU, Nofolk State, and New Hampshire)
at Albany
vs. Delaware
at Lehigh
at Boston University
vs. Bucknell
at Binghamton
vs. Stony Brook
14 Ivy Games

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