Friday, June 25, 2010

News and Notes: Morning Update

Above, Andy Rautins (front) and Ryan Wittman (back). The New York Knicks drafted Rautins over Wittman after both players worked out for the team. Below, some additional news and notes for Friday.
  • After the Knicks selected Andy Rautins in the second round, YahooSports' Jeff Eisenberg asks, "If the Knicks were going to go for a hometown kid, would they not have been better off with Cornell's Ryan Wittman?"
  • Below are some the Twittersphere reactions to last nights NBA Draft:
Jeff Foote: "Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv just gained the most motivated player in the class of 2010. Yet again at the bottom of the totem pole."

Louis Dale: "This draft is so disappointing!!!! Ivy League gets no R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Did we not make the Sweet 16?...BS."

Jon Jaques (in response to Dale): "Hearrrd that."
  • Speaking of Twitter, Aaron Osgood tweets, "got to play and workout with jhart [Jason Harford, Cornell '08] the past couple days.. been a good time. man he can shoot."


Anonymous said...

osgood better be ready to step up.

Anonymous said...

Wittman is better than Rautins. I think Walsh is a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Let's be realistic. No team is going to draft an Ivy League player because they can simply sign them as an un-drafted free agent instead.

Anonymous said...

We got to watch J Hart play with his IBL Team The Yamhill Highflyers against The Oregon Wave in a game this summer in Oregon and he lit it up for 44pts, 21 rebounds and like 6 assists. He was playing at the 2 position and handled the ball really well.

Anonymous said...

I have a semi-conspiracy theory that the WTF 2nd round was all about increasing intrigue and attendance at summer and D-league games. I read an article that total D-league attendance (no doubt inflated, but I'll interpret it as "ticket sales") crossed 1 million for the first time.

No one will come to see "Ryan Reid" and "Pape Sy," but they will see Collins and Aubrey Coleman and Jon Scheyer and Zoubek and other well-known undrafted players.