Thursday, June 10, 2010

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Thursday...
  • In an interview with this week, Gene DeFilippo, Boston College's A.D. said, "We were very fortunate to be able to hire a coach of Steve Donahue's caliber and I think he will do a terrific job. Over the last two years his Cornell teams have beaten Alabama on the road, beaten St. John's on the road, and lost at Kansas by just two or three points. In last year's NCAA tournament they beat nationally-ranked Temple and nationally-ranked Wisconsin by double digits. I think he'll do a tremendous job here, I really do. I'm excited about his style of play. His Cornell teams averaged 77-78 points per game and they played terrific defense."

  • In scheduling news, Wofford will replace Norfolk State in the Virginia Commonwealth Tournament. The Terriers will face the hosts while Cornell meets New Hampshire in the other "semfinal" game. Wofford coach, Mike Young told in discussing his schedule, "...I was in dire need of games. I'm going to VCU's tournament. They're very good, and because of contractual agreements, I'm playing them in the first round. That's just where we are right now." Cornell's 28 games include the following opponents:
at Syracuse
at Minnesota
at Seton Hall
vs. St. Bonaventure
vs. Buffalo
at Virginia Commonwealth Tournament (with VCU, Wofford, and New Hampshire)
at Albany
vs. Delaware
at Lehigh
at Boston University
vs. Bucknell
at Binghamton
vs. Stony Brook
14 Ivy Games


Anonymous said...

Why on earth are we going to Minnesota? Was it a stagnated 2 for 0 deal a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand 4:27's comment. Whenever a program like ours can put a tournament team on the schedule and get its guys playing in a big time venue like Williams Arena, I think it's a no-brainer to make the trip. Cornell will go into Minneapolis as the three-time defending Ivy League Champion. That's got some cachet in anyone's book.

Aside from not going to Lawrence, the 2010-11 Big Red schedule compares very favorably to the 2009-10 schedule. Three NCAA tournament teams with a fourth possible. Average closing RPI rankings in the same ballpark. No D-III or Bryant/Toledo games. Actually a tremendous challenge for Coach Courtney.

This schedule is actually near-miraculous for a program that is widely-acknowledged to be doing some rebuild... er... reloading.