Thursday, June 17, 2010

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Below, some news and notes...
  • The BBC provides additional coverage of the Cody Toppert (Cornell '05) signing with the Plymouth Raiders of the BBL.
  • Harvard's Jeremy Lin told, "It would be nice for a team such as our selves [Harvard] get consideration next year [for the 2011 NCAA Tournament], in particular with the success Cornell had in the NCAA tournament."
  • Crown Magazine references Manny Sahota's (Cornell) appearance in the All Canada Classic on June 14.
  • references Jeff Foote's (Cornell) workout yesterday with the Portland Trailblazers.
  • Many of Cornell's top recruiting prospects will attend Coach Courtney's Cornell Basketball Prospect Camp between June 26-27. For fans interested in meeting Coach Courtney, The Cornell Rebounders Club will host on June 22 from 5-7 p.m. at the Country Club of Ithaca, a meet-and-greet with the coach.
  • New Penn assistant, Rudy Wise told the Daily Pennsylvanian with regard to Penn's overloaded 23-player roster next season, “I think the numbers will take care of themselves." Brian Fitzpatrick, the second freshman to elect to transfer out of the program told the D.P., “I just can’t imagine what next year’s going to be like. Just imagine practice. You only play 10 guys on the court, so you have 13 guys waiting to get in? It’s crazy; it’s really crazy,”
  • ESPN's Page 2 pokes fun with the concept of a newly expanded Super Ivy League.
  • Below an archived excerpt from a fall 1995 issue of the Daily Pennsylvanian following Penn's 1995-1996 season opening game. During the prior May, the Quakers graduated five All-Ivy League starters, including two players that would eventually appear in NBA games-- namely Jerome Allen and Matt Maloney. Although the annual season preview magazines for the '95-'96 season dismissed the Quakers as title contenders, Penn would go on to clinch a share of the Ivy League championship. The D.P. had the following reaction to the season opener, which happened to be a loss for Penn. Perhaps followers of the Ivy League today may see some parallels with Cornell's present situation:
"...his willingness to take a shot that would have been Jerome Allen's or Matt Maloney's last season demonstrates his assumption of the leadership role and bodes well for the future of the Red and Blue. Heading into the game, inexperience was a big concern, but several players, who came into the game as relative unknowns to much of the Quakers faithful, should calm some fears about the upcoming season. Impressive minutes by Donald Moxley, Jamie Lyren and Bill Guthrie should dispel the worries of those who debate Penn's ability to compete for the Ivy title this year."


pennhoops said...

A recruit for you:

Anonymous said...

Actually, the 1995-96 Penn team got off to a slow start (1-5), before pulling it together to finish 17-10 (12-2 league [within 2 pts of an outright Ivy championship and 5 pts of fourth 14-0 league season]).

And, remember, Penn95/96 didn't even have a coaching change with which to cope.

Cornell fans would do well to remember to be extremely patient with the 2010-11 edition of the Big Red.