Tuesday, June 8, 2010

News and Notes: Tuesday Edition, Wittman to Workout for 23 NBA Teams

Below, some news and notes for Tuesday...
  • For Cornell alum, Andrew Naeve ('07), a former All-Ivy League center, today is the Republican primary vote in Naeve's bid for election to the Iowa State Senate.
  • Former Cornell guard, Wallace Prather ('02), now an NBA "Super Agent" has landed at Perennial Sports and Entertainment as an Executive Vice President. Prather's clients include Josh Smith, Randolph Morris, and Mario West, as well as projected 2010 draft lottery pick, Derrick Favors of Georgia Tech.
  • Per sources, Ryan Wittman will particpate on June 11 in the NBA's Draft Open Group Workout, hosted at the New Jersey Nets' practice facility. Wittman will be among 36 invited players at the event and will be scouted by 23 NBA teams. Wittman is the only Ivy League player invited to attend. Both Wittman and Jeff Foote are hoping to land on NBA summer league rosters.

Ryan Wittman

How did your workout go today?

“It went well. Obviously, you want to come out here and show you can compete and just give it all you have on every possession, try and do what got you here, don’t do anything outside yourself, but I think it went pretty well.”

What questions are you trying to answer in these workouts?

“I think everyone out here, not only myself, is just trying to show we can play at the next level, just trying to show we’re competitors and we want to help these teams win. That’s what they’re looking for – people who are going to be good for the team, people who are going to help them get wins. I think a big part of that is coming out when you’re competing in drills and want to win and just trying to improve on your strengths and not try to do too much.”

How much has your dad’s experience with processes like this helped you? (Ed: Ryan’s dad is Washington Wizards assistant coach Randy Wittman)

“It does (help), just from being around the NBA a lot and always going to games and everything. Obviously, through the years, having someone who’s been around the game of basketball and knows a lot about it was tremendously helpful in expanding my game. I think these are kind of some things you have to experience for yourself, going through workouts and stuff, there’s only so much people can tell you about it.”

How much do you think Cornell’s run to the Sweet 16 in this year’s NCAA Tournament helped showcase your game to the country?

“Being from the Ivy League, we didn’t have a whole lot of nationally televised games. We played some big name teams over my past two or three years at Cornell, but I think the Tournament kind of showed more that we weren’t your typical Ivy League team, your typical Ivy League players – we could go out there and do damage against the BCS, high conference teams. I think, from an overall exposure standpoint, we didn’t have a whole lot of that being from a smaller school, and that’s what we got in the Tournament.”

How much and in what areas would you say your game grew during your four years at Cornell?

“A lot. Coming in my freshman year to Cornell, I think almost 70 percent of my shots were threes or something. I still use the three-point shot a lot in my game, but that percentage moved down to 40 or 50 percent my senior year (by) coming off the dribble shooting pull-ups. I think that’s one of the main things that’s helped my game grow, is using my three-point (shooting) ability to get people off balance, make some pull-ups, get all the way to the basket and then being able to make plays for other people when (opposing teams) bring two guys at you and you show the shot-fake.”

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Louis Dale is trying to make an NBA summer squad as well. Just cause he's not getting workouts right now doesn't mean he won't make a summer team