Tuesday, June 1, 2010

News and Notes

Below, some post-Memorial Day Weekend/Tuesday news and notes...
  • The Baltimore Sun notes that Ryan Wittman will workout for the Washington Wizzards today at the Verizon Center. Wittman's father, Randy is an assistant with Washington. The Washington Examiner also reported the news.
  • GoldenStateofMind.com writes, "Cornell's Jeff Foote has at least been a blip on the radar and, while I can't picture Foote in the NBA (he's way too slow and indecisive or non-aggressive with his moves), I can picture him at NBA Summer League."
  • Congressional Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi tweeted before speaking at Cornell University's commencement, "Thx @Cornell_Univ for a signed Big Red jersey by Sweet 16 team! I deliver convocation later today http://twitpic.com/1s4vpn." She later said during her commencement speech, "Today, I was so proud to receive a Big Red jersey signed by the basketball team that I immediately tweeted a picture of it to the world."
  • A WVBR blogger makes the case for the importance of Ivy League schools excelling in athletics. The author notes, "One reason the nation became enthralled by Cornell basketball in the days leading up to the Red's clash with Kentucky was because Cornell's players managed to put academics first and still excel on the hardwood...Bars up and down the eastern seaboard were packed with Cornellians cheering for their school last March on the night of the Cornell-Kentucky game. If an Ivy League alum gets excited about his or her school because of sports and donates money to the school, furthering its ability to provide a world-class education, that's not a bad thing."


DC said...

I agree that Foote receives the ball and takes about 2 seconds too long to initiate his moves, but that's not something that can't be corrected. You can't teach 7'.25". Also, I think he could be at a minimum, just as effective as Eric Dampier. He can definitely run the floor better than Damp and pass better than him. Scoring is about the same. Defense is probably the one area where Damp is more effective but as Foote gets stronger, that would change.

Anonymous said...

Is that our new non-Nike jersey we're looking at?

Anonymous said...

That's a womens jersey. They probably had no idea