Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 2010-2011 Schedule Sneak Peak...(UPDATED 7/23/10)

Below, Cornell's tentatively projected 2010-2011 nonconference schedule.

Nov. 12-at Albany
Nov. 14-at Seton Hall
Nov. 17-vs. Delaware
Nov. 19-vs. St. Bonaventure
Nov. 22- at Lehigh
Nov. 27- at Boston University
Nov. 30- at Syracuse
Dec. 4-at Minnesota
Dec. 18- at Binghamton
Dec. 20- vs. Bucknell
Dec. 29/30- at Virginia Commonwealth Tournament (with VCU, Wofford, and New Hampshire)
Jan. 3-vs. Buffalo
Jan. 8- vs. Stony Brook
Jan. 15.- at Columbia
Jan 22.-vs. Columbia
Jan 28.-at Dartmouth
Jan 29-at Harvard
Feb. 4- at Yale
Feb. 5- at Brown
Feb. 11-vs. Penn
Feb. 12-vs. Princeton
Feb. 18-vs. Harvard
Feb. 19-vs. Dartmouth
Feb. 25- at Princeton
Feb. 26- at Penn
March 4-vs. Brown
March 5-vs. Yale


Charles said...

Wow. A statewide SUNY tour.

Anonymous said...

Any news on Harvard/Princeton's schedules? I'd love to see their nonconference games and how they finish league play. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

no D3 games? Gonna be a lot of DNP-CDs

Geoff said...

Very good schedule. We are Mixing it up with an improving american east conference and some BCS schools. VCU is always strong and we have to have those rival patriot league games. I think it's a good mix and can give us some real confidence if we beat these teams.

Anonymous said...

Any Northwestern Connecticut Community College schedule info??? Been waiting on that for a while!

Anonymous said...

Schedule Benchmarks:

I agree! This is an excellent non-con schedule for a team that is a mystery to all of us. Six home games (that is great!). Lots of "can win" games against quality opposition, including three or four NCAA tournament participants. No "gimmee's." Most are against teams that equal or exceed what is expected to be the general level of the majority of Ivy teams.

We can find out about them by watching the record at a few points. It doesn't work to get into individual games, because we will need to ride the ups and downs with them.

In a practical and realistic way, to give notice that they can contend, they should be at least 4-2 going into Syracuse; at least 6-6 on New Year's Day, and open league play at 8-6.

That will be enough to allow me to believe that they can challenge for a fourth consecutive league crown.

After the first six league games (a tough road stretch), they should then be at least 4-2 to be in position for a run, in a year when the others are looking for an opportunity to put us "back where we 'belong'."

Let's Go Red!