Saturday, July 24, 2010

News and Notes: Friday/Saturday Edition

Below, some news and notes from Friday and for Saturday...
  • The Minneapolis Star Tribune notes, "Eden Prairie native Ryan Wittman played in seven games -- four with the Celtics and three with the Knicks -- in NBA Summer League play, with the Cornell product averaging 3.4 points and 1.3 rebounds in 12.7 minutes overall."
  • On Thursday we posted Cornell's full schedule. The information we received indicates that Cornell will face New Hampshire in the opening round of the VCU Tournament during late December. The winner will face the winner of VCU and Wofford. Nevertheless, the Richmond Times Dispatch is reporting somewhat different information, noting, "The round-robin-type tournament Dec. 29-30 at the Siegel Center will include Cornell, New Hampshire and a team to be determined. VCU will play Cornell and New Hampshire."
  • Speaking of Cornell's schedule, we understand some fans are disappointed that the University of South Carolina did not make it into Newman Arena this year, as expected, just as Seton Hall appeared a year ago. Nevertheless, the home schedule is attractive by Ivy standards, with teams from the A-10 (St. Bonaventure), MAC (Buffalo) and CAA (Delaware), coming to town. Additional road games against Syracuse, Seton Hall, Minnesota and Lehigh (a tournament team a year ago), and possibly either VCU and Wofford (another tournament team), ensure that the young and inexperienced Big Red will be well-tested before the start of Ivy play. With no games against Division III programs or teams traditionally in the 300s of the RPI, Cornell will have no "gimme" games this season.
  • How good will Cornell be next season? We have no clue. However, "high ceiling," "big potential," and "could surprise," are some of the phrases we continuously hear from insiders with the Cornell basketball program in describing the 2010-2011 team. First, there is absolutely no denying, even by fans from rival schools, that there is some quality All-League caliber talent returning in the group including Chris Wroblewski, Adam Wire, Mark Coury, Max Groebe and Errick Peck. But the Big Red also have some "unknown quantities" in returning veteran frontcourt players such as Aaron Osgood, Josh Figini, and Eitan Chemerinski, whom several insiders report have the abilities to make major impacts during the upcoming season, if not emerge as stars themselves. Then there are the untested rookies-- players like Jake Matthews and Dominic Scelfo, a pair of savvy guards that were Cornell's top recruiting targets a year ago, both of who committed early in the recruiting process. Just ask Rick Majerus over at Saint Louis how much he wanted Scelfo running team. But perhaps the biggest "X-factor" on Cornell's next roster is the impact of the new transfers-- Anthony Gatlin and Andrew Ferry, both of whom have put up impressive numbers against collegiate competition. The latter dropped nearly 20 points per game last year in the junior college ranks as a sniper behind the three-point arc. Ferry's shooting and scoring statistics are more impressive than some of the incoming highly touted freshmen around the league who faced inferior high school competition. Ferry's performance drew scholarship offers from several Division I programs. As for Gatlin, you may not see a more athletic and skilled 6'9" player in the Ivy League ever again. Gatlin put up some strong performances two and three years ago as a young freshman and sophomore in the Summit League. Now as an academic senior (with junior NCAA eligibility), he could be primed to be a star.


Anonymous said...

So have Miles and McMillan been written off- several new guards are mentioned with no reference to Miles and McMillan gets no comment either.

Anonymous said...

"But perhaps the biggest "X-factor" on Cornell's next roster is the impact of the new transfers..."

You completely neglect to mention that the new coach could completely bomb. That's a major question mark. I'm not saying he's a bad coach, but not every coach is a good fit at every school, especially in a kooky conference like the I.L.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Good point on the coaching. Also an "x-factor" to consider.

Not writing off Miles Asafo-Adjei, Pete McMillan, Jonathan Gray, Manny Sahota, Nnamdi Okoye, Dwight Tarwater or Jamal Cherry.

Anonymous said...

Errick Peck will be the best player in the Ivy League next year.