Monday, August 16, 2010

The Cornell Basketball Blog's (Early) All-Ivy League Projection

(Photo Daily Pennsylvanian)
We previously posted our early projection for the Ivy League standings, now below we post our All-Ivy League Watch List. Let us know your thoughts on our projections by leaving a comment to this post, sending us an email, or posting a message on The Cornell Basketball Blog's Community Forum (click here).

The Cornell Basketball Blog's
All-Ivy League Men's Basketball 2009-2010 Watch List

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: F-Kyle Casey, Harvard, 6'7", Sophomore
DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Greg Mangano, Yale, 6'10", Junior
ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Miles Cartwright, Penn, 6'3", Freshman

First Team
C-Keith Wright, Harvard, 6'8", Junior
F-Jack Eggleston, Penn, 6'8, Junior
F-Kyle Casey, Harvard, 6'7", Sophomore
G-Chris Wroblewski, Cornell, 6'1", Junior
G-Zack Rosen, Penn, 6'1", Junior

Second Team
F-Michael Sands, Yale, 6'7", Senior
F-Errick Peck, Cornell, 6'5", Sophomore
G-Noruwa Agho, Columbia, 6'3", Junior
G-Douglas Davis, Princeton, 5'11", Junior
G-Dan Mavraides, Princeton, 6'3", Senior

Honorable Mention
F-Andrew McCarthy, Brown, 6'8", Sophomore
F-Peter Sullivan, Brown, 6'5", Senior
C-Mark Coury, Cornell, 6'9", 5thYr. Senior
F-Anthony Gatlin, Cornell 6'8", Junior
G-Max Groebe, Cornell, 6'4", Junior
G-Andrew Ferry, Cornell, 6'3", Junior
G-Ronnie Dixon, Dartmouth, 6'1", Senior
G-Brandyn Curry, Harvard, 6'1", Sophomore
G-Christian Webster, Harvard, 6'4", Sophomore
G-Oliver McNally, Harvard, 6'3", Junior
C-Mike Howlett, Penn, 6'9", Junior
F-Tyler Bernardini, Penn, 6'6", Senior
C-Andreas Schreiber, Penn, 6'9", 5th Year Senior
F-Ian Hummer, Princeton, 6'7", Sophomore
C-Greg Mangano, Yale, 6'10", Junior


Anonymous said...

I think you nailed the first team

Anonymous said...

I truly believe Chris Wroblewski has a great shot at POY. He is of course rather small and not very athletic, but those things he can do, he does extremely well. He's great from the arc, he's great from within it; he's one of the best FT shooters; he is completely unperturbed by athletic teams like Seton Hall or Kentucky, and unaffected by Princeton's nagging style of play. Despite what many think, he takes almost as many 2-pointers as he does 3-pointers; he doesn't just operate from the arc. Donahue praised his on-ball defense, and after his impressive 20 point performance against Syracuse, SU coach Jim Boeheim said he could play anywhere in the country.

Anonymous said...

Errick Peck is going to be first team/POY. Mark my words.

anonymous '59 said...

I agree with Anonymous regarding Errick Peck.

Anonymous said...

Coach Courtney said, in a recent WVBR interview, that the Cornell coaches expect Chris Wroblewski to be a serious POY contender.

Anonymous said...

Man, you really don't like Princeton too much do you?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

We picked Princeton to finish second. Perhaps in your mind, anything other than picked for first is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Garrett Leffelman will be somewhere on the list.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

This predicted All Ivy list is subject to change in October when we get more information.

A lot of these guys have had major health problems--- Wright, Schreiber, Bernardini, Howlett, Curry, just to name a few.

If these guys go down, there is a lot of room for players to move up.

Meanwhile, the Cornell guys are total unknowns because nobody can accurately predict their playing time.

Nevertheless, we feel pretty good about the 1st team selections. The second team looks pretty wide open and there a few kids that did not make the list that could earn postseason honors.

We think the league MVP award is going to come down to Kyle Casey and Zach Rosen.

Anonymous said...

Errick Peck is going to change Cornell Basketball, just wait and see!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to think Princeton will finish high if they don't have any players worthy of recognition.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, but this is the dumbest thing you guys have done so far. Could you be any more of a homer?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

We've got three Princeton players honored, including two on the 2nd Team.

Anonymous said...

I like that first team... and most of the second, too!

If Kareem Maddox plays all year like he did during the 2009-10 Ivy Season, he makes Second Team ahead of Peck and Sands, and is DPOY. If Keith Wright continues to be brittle, Maddox could even be First Team. Second Team is possible for Peter Sullivan.

Odds are that Schreiber does not even play this year, let alone play well enough to make HM.

Never heard Curry had health issues. Any details?

Bernardini was a frosh in 2007-08. He is not a 5th yr SR. Mangano is a JR.

Too many Harvard and Cornell (not gonna call you a 'homer' though... I like the overall drift of your blog and think more basketball programs could use fandom as enthusiastic as yours) guys on the HM list. Mmmm... Maybe one each from H/Cor... not sure who. There are generally only one or two league newcomers per year who make some form of All-Ivy.

Think it over. Projecting five Cornell guys as some sort of All-Ivy this year just doesn't make sense... It didn't even happen last year, when the Big Red was the best Ivy Team in 31 years. Even you are not calling on Cornell for such a performance in 2010-11.

BTW, Rivard is more highly regarded by most ratings services than Cartwright. Odds are that, if Penn's upper-class loaded lineup stays healthy, Rivard sees more floor time and outperforms Cartwright.

Anonymous said...

Given your obsession with the Penn roster, I would think you would have known that while Bernardini is a senior, he is not in his 5th year. Given that he missed all but the fist couple of games last year he will likely be eligible for 5th year status in 2011-12.

Anonymous said...

The reason it's easy to pick Princeton to finish high is the same reason Princeton finished 2nd last year but their top scorers only averaged 11 or 12 ppg each. To me, at least, there's no one that stands head and shoulders above the rest on that team, not like Agho or Zampier or Lin or Mullery or Rosen.

Anonymous said...

If Casey wins POY and Wright stays healthy enough to make the 1st team, there is no doubt Harvard wins the conference. They have too many talented guards around those 2 who hit open shots (Webster, Curry, McNally, Rivard) to not take the title if the front court plays that well.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The honorable mention list is more of a "watch list" for honor candidates.

In a typical year, there are only about half dozen honorable mention selections.

Cornell will not have that many honorable mention selections.

Anonymous said...

I think Curry was the one who underwent knee surgery, hence the health problems the Anon Princetonian was unaware of.

I saw the "honorable mentions" category up there as a catchall for everyone who could possibly be in consideration; it's hard to tell. Of course Honorable Mention will not be so big in real life. Hence the accusations of homerism were ridiculous to me -- there are only 2 Cornellians on the all-Ivy team and none on individual awards lists.