Wednesday, August 25, 2010

News and Notes: Evening Edition

Below, some news and notes for the evening. Above, the ever-changing logos of Cornell Basketball throughout the decades.
  • Speaking of Forli, the George Mason basketball team just defeated the Italian club during the program's European tour. And there is a bit of a Cornell connection here. George Mason is coached by Jim Larranaga, the father of Cornell assistant coach, Jay Larranaga. Additionally, Cornell assistant, Ricky Yahn, was a video cooridantor/manager with George Mason last year, while Cornell head coach, Bill Courtney, also previously served a lengthy stint as a GMU assistant.
  • If you aren't already following us on Twitter, you should! Tonight, poor Louis Dale ('10) laments on Twitter, "got the "Welcome Back" email from President Skorton today.O man i'm gonna miss college.ha that was definitely the last one of those i'll get." On behalf of all Cornell fans, we are gonna miss Lou.
Andrew is a junior at Cornell in Ithaca, New York... he really knows no one at school. But, he’s just as eager to get going. We made the trek across Canada with a brief stop at Niagara Falls to deliver Andrew — no car for him this year! The trip to Ithaca went smooth if not straight. The closest distance between two points in that part of New York is not a straight line. There are no straight ways to get to or around once you arrive in Ithaca.

We didn’t even go straight to see Coach Courtney when we arrived. I don’t think Andrew was too excited for him to see the splint on his wrist. That was better than the cast and sling he had on when he got off the plane from China. The trip to China was wonderful. Andrew described the opportunities for spiritual growth, cultural experience, and basketball competition. Everything went well — until the next-t0-last game when he hurt his right wrist.

The original diagnosis was a fracture. That, however, was not the conclusion of the doctor here in Milwaukee. Whatever the case, Andrew has a couple of weeks of healing and rehabilitation before he can return to the court.


Anonymous said...

How hard is it to make a nice logo? I'm tired of Cornell lagging behind our peers in everything because we staff a bunch of townies who have never left Ithaca and have never had a taste for innovating or keeping up with what's modern. We are always 5 years behind the curve because of the people running the show behind the scenes.

Our media guides and website still use fonts from Windows 2000. Does no one in the Athletic Department care about producing aesthetically pleasing materials? Why are they so content to just rehash the same ugly stuff year after year?

Does it take a lot of effort to see what Harvard or Yale or Stanford or doing with their branding, logo, website, and publications and try to stay on par with them?

No it doesn't. But we've got people from Ithaca who are comfortable in their little cushy office, have 0 pressure and have no competition for their jobs so they put in almost no effort into keeping us at a respectable level.

Look at and and compare it to

I love Cornell but the school's lack of drive to innovate and stay up to par is sad.

Anonymous said...

WTF, anon 11:09 am? I looked at, and it seems Cornell's site is better. I think you need to see somebody about this townie-phobia.

Anonymous said... is sort of ugly, actually; I don't understand what u mean.

Actually, I just looked through all the Ivy athletics sites and they are all basically similar and none of them is particularly great. is downright hideous.

I like our site. The big C logo with the bear around it shakes when you hover over it. Hehehe. It's like it's growling.

I'm easily amused.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1109:

Maybe it is you who is not up to par.

Are you the same guy that complains about the jerseys?

What pressure do you have as a grad student?

Read my lips: Harvard Sucks!!!! Even if they have a good site, who cares? Harvard Sucks.

Anonymous said...

If you think is nicer than gocrimson, then clearly, townie-level designs appeal to you. We just have different tastes.

Anyway, I love Cornell and I love our teams. I was just giving my 2 cents on why I think people behind the scenes produce half-ass quality stuff. If Cornell were in a major city like Stanford or Harvard were, there would be more competition and a better talent pool to dip from to service our school and thus, the overall look of Cornell Athletics would be stronger. It's pretty obvious but I thought I'd just put it out there.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, townie-level grammar appeals to you.