Monday, August 23, 2010

News and Notes: Monday Edition

Above, a 1967 Cornell-Princeton game program. Below, some news and notes for Monday...
  • Per the Hoops Market and, Jon McCord ('97) signed with Strasbourg of France's elite Pro A league. McCord played with Strasbourg between 2004 through 2008. He played last season wtih Limoges in the French Pro B. McCord was a 1997 First Team All Ivy League Selection.
  • A wrist injury suffered by Andrew Ferry during his Athletes in Action trip to China will sideline the Palm Beach State College/Valparaiso University transfer for several weeks during preseason workouts.
  • Below, another sample excerpt from the new book, Blueprint for Success, commemorating Cornell's 2009-2010 season. The Cornell Basketball Blog will be posting additional pages from the book in the coming days. Below, sample pages 22-25.


Anonymous said...

Princeton@Cornell (1967)

Competing hard for the Ivy top spot is nothing new for Cornell. The Red won this game in the midst of a 16 of 17 winning skein, that included the famous 92-77 win @Kentucky. Esdaile, Morris, and South led the charge for McNeil’s troops.

Just like two years earlier, Cornell went into Dillon Gymnasium tied with the Tigers at 11-1. The Tigers won the game in Princeton, and wrapped up the title a week later by besting Penn.

Another close call that made many of us “fans for life.”

Anonymous said...

Dominck Scelfo is now on twitter (@dscelfo12).

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's @scelf12, sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

Argh! @scelfo12
I can't type.

Anonymous said...

Any more word on Drew Ferry's wrist?

Will he be 100% for fall practice? Or is it more like 1-Nov?

Tough break. The most important thing this young man needs is time with his team.

BigRed1965 said...

Just to correct Anonymous: In 1965, Cornell went into Princeton at 11-2 in the League, not 11-1. The night before, Penn had knocked off Cornell 79-70 for the 2nd League loss. (The weekend before, Yale upset the Red at Barton Hall, 71-69.) Unfortunately, Princeton, with Bill Bradley, was peaking by the end of the season, and defeated the Red in its last game, 107-84, notwithstanding a valiant 28-point effort by Dave Bliss.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, ANON. I am sure glad that there is another "fan for life" around this board, to keep me straight.

I forgot about the loss at the Palestra in Feb-65. The January wins over those same Penn and Princeton teams at Barton were absolutely memorable, too. Bliss's defensive job on Bradley in the first half and Aston's 17-footer in the last three seconds in a 9000+ person-packed Barton Hall were life's experiences.

However, I think watching the Wisconsin game in person, given the national stage and the era, exceeded the 1965 Princeton game in Ithaca, as an overall high-quality thrill for a Cornell sports fan.