Saturday, August 28, 2010

Remembering Adam Gore from 2005-2006

Perhaps no freshman in Cornell basketball history made as quick as an impact on the Big Red as Adam Gore (class of '09). During the 2005-2006 season, due to early injuries in the Cornell backcourt, Gore started the first game and would not relinquish a starting role the rest of the season on route to the 2006 Ivy League Rookie of the Year Award. In his first four games, he averaged 15.8 points per game, reaching double figures in each of them, including a 22 point outburst against Syracuse on November 9, 2005, a televised game on ESPNU in the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic.

"We needed a point guard at the time," said former Cornell assistant coach Izzi Metz to the Cornell Daily Sun. Metz was instrumental in recruiting Gore. "I saw a kid who could handle the ball well and make open shots and seemed pretty confident."

Even before Gore ever played a game for the Big Red, Donahue referred to him as a "tough" kid and it was Gore's toughness that the Donahue staff tried to replicate in recruiting this year's freshmen. Time will tell if there are any Adam Gores in the bunch.


Anonymous said...

Adam Gore is in the Ivy Record Books multiple times with single-season records. Imagine if he had been healthy all four seasons ... insane.

Miss him.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I do not recall publicly-disclosed injuries to the Cornell backcourt opening the way for Adam Gore in Fall, 2005. It was my observation that he busted the door down and pushed a few able bodies aside to get his starting spot.

The 2004-05 guards were some combination of Jason Canady, Will Scott, Graham Dow, Khaliq Gant, David Lisle, Kevin App, and Lenny Collins. Will Scott transferred to Louisville. A rather large Collins played one guard spot, while Gant, Lisle, and Dow shared the other one. In open competition throughout the 2004-05 season, no one of the three really put a hammerlock on the second spot. Collins had the size to play wing, but had to play guard in 2004-05, because Cornell was fairly well stocked inside with Rourke, Taylor, and Naeve. Few may recall, but that team finished second in the league with a last night win in Providence, giving Cornell its first of six consecutive winning league records under Donahue.

In 2005-06, it was Rourke, Hartford, Kreefer, and Naeve upfront. It made a ton of sense to give Collins more time at the wing, with Dow eventually running the point, and Gore manning shooting guard. With Rourke and Hartford, they made a good, solid starting Ivy five. They finished third in the league with a winning record and there is no telling what one or two more accomplished backcourt role players might have done for that team.

Like ANON 3:20PM, I think that Cornell will be very fortunate to find another Adam Gore. He is a very special guy.

Anonymous said...

People like to think that Cornell basketball arrived only when the Class of 2010 did, like a perfect, accidental storm of Witt, Foote, & Dale falling into Donahue's lap.
But the cohort that came before Witt et al produced a couple of ROYs and had multiple 2nd and 3rd place finishes that brought Cornell basketball to a level of respect and laid the foundation for what was to come ... it is a pity that many fans will never know of their contribution.

jacob said...

That game at the dome his Freshman year sure was memorable.

Anonymous said...

Adam Gore is the epitome of what Cornell Basketball represented during the past few years of the Donahue campaign.

His resilience, toughness, and determination could only hoped to be matched by any other player. It also didn't hurt how he schmoozed with the refs before and during the game (anyone else notice this?).

He was so freaking good at what he did, and he did a lot for the team. To come back from two ACL injuries is simply unreal. Can't say enough. You could argue he's the one who lit the powder keg for our 5 year run to the sweet 16 when he dropped 20+ on Syracuse and put a legit scare to the Orange. We never looked back from there.

Anonymous said...

I attended the Nov-05 game in Easton, along with a typical showing of vocal Cornell fans at such road games: an assistant coaches' parents and a CU backliner's folks.

We watched Adam Gore race headlong into a scrum of players after a loose ball. After the ensuing melee, a couple of his teammates held him up as he semi-walked off the court. I don't even think he got the ball, but all of us knew the effort he brought to Cornell basketball was unique and infectious.

And I'll bet that wasn't the only time he got his bell rung and a floor burn in a Cornell uniform.

Hello Newman said...

Did Gore just die or something?

Hello Newman said...

Did Adam Gore die or something?

Anonymous said...

Did Gore die? Why does this read like an obit?

Anonymous said...

Collins played on the wing in 04,05. Donahue ran a line up where there was a point and 2 wings (essentially identical positions) the only difference was defensive matchups, where collins matched up with small forwards.