Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spotlight on Max Groebe

Max Groebe's 15 point performance against Dartmouth on January 29, 2010, a 71-37 Cornell win, showcased the red-shirt junior's All-Ivy potential. He shot Groebe 56% (23/41) from beyond the arc last season. Steve Donahue told the Ithaca Journal in March, "I've said before. Guys like Chris Wroblewski and Mark Coury and Adam Wire and Max Groebe are really good Ivy League players."


Anonymous said...

Groebe is just as good a shooter as Wittman. He just didn't get the minutes to show it. He's also a lot more athletic than Wittman so I don't think we're gonna see too much of a drop off in terms of shooting from the 2/3 position.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Max is akin to a young Ryan Wittman. Fantastic shooter with the physical abilities to do a lot more than just drain three pointers.

Like Wittman, Max will need to diversify his offensive game. He needs to commit himself to helping rebound and exerting energy on the defensive end.

There is no doubt he can do all of the above. If he does, he is a First Team All Ivy selection before he graduates and possibly even this season.

Anonymous said...

The career stats say that Ryan Wittman ranks as the best in Cornell history and among the best dozen or so players ever in the league.

Comparing Max Groebe to Ryan Wittman at this point, when he has played no major minutes in the Ivy League is simply unfair to Max.

When Max averages 3RPG and 15.5PPG and makes second team All-Ivy in his first full year in the league, let's talk about it.

But not until then. Please give the young man a break.