Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Transition Year in 1968-1969

Prior to Steve Donahue's coaching run with Cornell, the late Sam MacNeil ('51) was considered by some as the most successful coach of Cornell basketball, despite his never capturing an Ivy League title for the Big Red. Above, the March 13, 1968 issue of the Cornell Daily Sun breaks the shocking news of MacNeil's resignation from the Big Red coaching staff.


Anonymous said...

-"some" consider McNeil the best until Donahue? Perhaps better to ask who doesn't??

He had a lifetime league winning percentage of .616 and non-con winning mark of .667 (Top Ten all-time on league list), with wins at Kentucky, Ohio State, and Illinois, and over Syracuse teams led by Bing and Boeheim, Knight-coached Army teams, Bradley-led Princeton teams, McMillian-led/Rohan-coached Columbia teams, and McCloskey and Harter-coached Penn teams.

Coach McNeil was a big-time guy in a time when the Ivies competed more successfully on the big stage in college basketball than they do today.

Just look how much hard work it took for CoachD and his Class of 2010 and their compatriots to exceed the McNeil era.

Anonymous said...

Must have been a great time to be on the campus, not to mention the success in other sports at that time.

Coaches K and Miller played on those Army teams.

Why do you think that the Ivies were more competitive in the 1960s? It can't just be a function of scholarships......