Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Red Basketball: The Origin.

Below, some newspaper excerpts tracing the origins of Cornell Basketball. Above, the Big Red in 1904.

Basketball was first introduced on the Cornell campus on or about 1892 according to the Cornell Daily Sun's February 4, 1892 issue.

By January 1898, the men at Cornell had organized a club team as evident from this January 14, 1898 issue of the Cornell Daily Sun. Plans were already in the works for intercollegiate competition.

The Cornell Daily Sun reports on January 24, 1899 that the Cornell basketball program applied for varsity status.

According to the Cornell Athletics Department, Cornell's first official varsity basketball game occurred on December 13, 1898, a Cornell 48-12 victory over Waverly YMCA. Below, the January 14, 1899 issue of the Cornell Daily Sun reports the win.

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