Thursday, September 23, 2010

Checking in with Coach Courtney

The Cornell Basketball Blog had a chance to speak with Bill Courtney today and get some updates on the team's offseason news and activities. Here are a couple of quotes from the Robert E. Gallagher '44, Head Coach of Cornell Men's Basketball:

"We were a bit banged up during the summer, but we seem to be just about fully healthy right now. Miles [Asafo-Adjei] is almost 100 percent [knees] and is just about returning to the court. Andrew Ferry [wrist] is now in full workouts, also almost 100 percent, Jake Matthews [hand/wrist] is now back 100 percent." Courtney added, "[Dominick] Scelfo is also getting back to where he was [in quickness and movement] prior to his knee injury last November."

"The guys are really working hard and are really committed," said Courtney. "Prior to September 16, we were only allowed to coach them for 2 hours per week in groups of no more than four guys. Now League rules permit us to instruct groups of six for 2 hours per week." The players are also spending additional time in the training and weight rooms with Cornell's strength and conditioning staff and spending time in the gym on their own. Full practices begin in mid October.

When asked about playing rotations and starters, Courtney emphasized his staff had made no decisions on playing time. "Everyone is equal right now. The past is the past. We are going to watch the guys in practice and in the two scrimmages [on October 30 and November 6 against Colgate and Lafayette] and see how they play against outside competition." He added, "We've got a lot of new faces so playing time is undecided."

With respect to "Midnight Madness" festivities, Courtney indicated that Cornell's administration is contemplating the idea of holding some Midnight Madness styled celebration during the Red-White scrimmage on October 23. He noted, however that the raising of the Sweet Sixteen and Ivy League Championship banners are still scheduled for unveiling at the Big Red's home opener on November 17.

Eligible for a team foreign travel trip during the summer of 2011 (the Big Red visited France in 2007 and Australia in 2003), Courtney acknowledged the team would spend next summer abroad together but indicated that the destination had not yet been selected.

Watch for additional preseason interviews with Coach Courtney from The Cornell Basketball Blog as well as some upcoming preseason video reports from Slope Media.


Anonymous said...

why is Dartmouth cutting players?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The internet chatter is a bit off base. Dartmouth brought in a very large freshmen class. Some of those kids were "walk-ons" and are trying out for the team this fall.

Doubt you see any of the returnees cut. But you never know.

Anonymous said...

like Jamal Cherry and Nnamdi Okoye?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Yes, Jamal and Nnamdi are guys who want to walk-on. They are not recruits, were not promised anything.

They both earned their way to Cornell through the regular admissions process.

Cornell is not holding traditional "tryouts" like Dartmouth.

Anonymous said...

For a while now they've had a 2010-11 roster up, and only one of the new freshmen is on it. Maybe that one guy doesn't need to try out or something. He isn't rated on ESPN (in fact 5 out of 7 of them aren't, which is wierd) so I can't tell if he's good.

Nevertheless Dartmouth sounds serious. The new coach isn't just accepting the old coach's recruits.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Dartmouth is a tough gig for a college basketball coach.

Anonymous said...

what were Miles Asafo-Adjei's high school stats? he's the only one in his class that doesn't have his high school stats posted on the online roster

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Don't recall Miles' stats off hand and did not include them in our profile on him when he committed.

Anonymous said...

Actually, looking through Ghogomu's twitter feed just now makes it completely unclear to me whether that roster is set regarding even non-frosh.

He tweets at Keith Wright that there's "no question" he isn't getting cut and that "they" (the coaches?) aren't seeing him, implying that some people are being seen (evaluated?) and some aren't, but it's unclear whether it's just the frosh. I remember Ghogomu seeming to be among the more athletically talented; he had a memorable dunk at Newman; it might be he's safe for those reasons. Or it might be he's safe 'cos he's not a frosh. I guess we wait and see.

Anonymous said...

That would be something to have some kind of Midnight Madness, athletics should consider doing something like BC is by involving both the basketball team, wrestling + men's/women's hockey

If not they need to promote the Red/White game more because the last 2 years I have gone, there was maybe 100 people with more student players than student spectators

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

No football game + last season's success = MUCH BIGGER CROWD

Anonymous said...

"No football game + last season's success = MUCH BIGGER CROWD"

I hope so, but Athletics needs to get the word out, the Sun should promote it also, since you do the Sun a favor by publishing a lot of their articles maybe you can push them to promote the Red/White game