Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Date in Cornell Basketball History

Above, a photo from the Cornell Daily Sun. Cornell's Steve Cram ('66) shoots over Princeton's Bill Bradley at Barton Hall on January 18, 1965. More than 9,000 fans packed Barton Hall.


Anonymous said...

I hate to say anything, because I just love these old pix.

I don't think that is Steve Cram. His number was 32, and I don't remember that he looked like that.

I don't think that is Bill Bradley. I don't think he looked like that.

The scoreboard appears to say that there is 15:22 left in the game, with Cornell up 46-33. The half-time score of the Jan-1965 Princeton@Cornell game was already 50-33 with Cornell outfront.

Could this have been the 1964 game at Barton?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

You could be right, but the information was taken from the Sun's caption. Plus, the crowd looks like the '65 game.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing these dates in history. I consider myself a big fan, but I now realize I know very little about the interesting history of the program. Do any books exist about the history of Cornell basketball?