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Ivy League Basketball: The Beginnings...

While the Ivy League was formalized for men's basketball in the 1954-1955 season, the League has its origins in the Eastern Intercollegiate Basketball League (EIBL) with the rivalries dating back more than 100 years...

We previously posted some archived news media on the historical formation of the basketball program at Cornell University and the origin of Cornell's "Big Red" nickname. Now we look to the historical formation of the Ivy League in the context of basketball.

During March 1900, Cornell was in early discussions to form a basketball league. The above March 6, 1900 Cornell Daily Sun shows that Cornell was in talks with Yale, Penn, Bucknell, Weslyan, Carlisle, Villanova and Swarthmore.

The above December 6, 1900 and January 4, 1901 issues of the Cornell Daily Sun reveal that Cornell joined a New York State League for basketball comprised of Syracuse, St. Lawrence, and Colgate. But the University still aspired to negotiate a second and new league with Harvard, Dartmouth and Yale.

During May 1901, representatives from Yale, Harvard, Cornell and Princeton met in New York to form the Eastern Intercollegiate Basketball League. Yale would win the EIBL first league title during the 1901-1902 season.

The "Ivy" nickname has its roots in the 1930s. During October 1933, Stanley Woodward of the New York Herald Tribune first used the phrase "Ivy colleges" in print to describe the eight current Ivy League schools (plus Army). On February 8, 1935, AP Sports editor Alan Gould first used the exact term "Ivy League."

By 1937, the Cornell Daily Sun and other media were already referring to the EIBL as the "Ivy League"-- however, the first "Ivy Group Agreement" wasn't signed until 1945 and it was limited to just football.

In 1955, the Ivy Agreement was extended to all sports, including basketball.
Pre-Ivy formalization, Brown was admitted to the EIBL in 1953 as the eighth and final member. The news of the Ivy League's all-sports formalization hit the news media during February 1954.

Above, the June 15, 1913 issue of the Cornell Daily Sun (left) recaps the Cornell Big Red's 1913 EIBL (Ivy League Championship) while the June 15, 1914 issue (right) recaps Cornell's repeat title in 1914. Below, the complete history of EIBL/Ivy League Champions and award winners.

Cornell has captured eight EIBL/Ivy League basketball titles.

YearChampionCoachPlayer of the YearRookie of the YearDefensive Player of the Year
2009-10Cornell (13-1)Steve DonahueRyan Wittman, Cornell '10Kyle Casey, HarvardJeff Foote, Cornell
2008-09Cornell (11-3)Steve DonahueAlex Barnett, Dartmouth '09Chris Wroblewski, CornellJeff Foote, Cornell
2007-08Cornell (14-0)Steve DonahueLouis Dale, Cornell '10Tyler Bernardini, Penn
2006-07Penn (13-1)Glen MillerIbby Jaaber, Penn '07Ryan Wittman, Cornell
2005-06Penn (12-2)Fran DunphyIbby Jaaber, Penn '07Adam Gore, Cornell
2004-05Penn (13-1)Fran DunphyTim Begley, Penn '05Damon Huffman, Brown
2003-04Princeton (13-1)John Thompson IIIJason Forte, Brown '05Leon Pattman, Dartmouth
2002-03Penn (14-0)Fran DunphyUgonna Onyekwe, Penn '03Lenny Collins, Cornell
2001-02Penn (11-3)+, Yale (11-3), Princeton (11-3)Fran Dunphy, James Jones, John Thompson IIIUgonna Onyekwe, Penn '03Alex Gamboa, Yale
2000-01Princeton (11-3)John Thompson IIICraig Austin, Columbia '02Konrad Wysocki, Princeton
1999-00Penn (14-0)Fran DunphyMichael Jordan, Penn '00Ugonna Onyekwe, Penn
1998-99Penn (13-1)Fran DunphyBrian Earl, Princeton '99Chris Young, Princeton
1997-98Princeton (14-0)Bill CarmodySteve Goodrich, Princeton '98Dan Clemente, Harvard
1996-97Princeton (14-0)Bill CarmodySydney Johnson, Princeton '97Michael Jordan, Penn
1995-96Princeton (12-2)*, Penn (12-2)Pete Carril, Fran DunphyIra Bowman, Penn '96Tim Hill, Harvard
1994-95Penn (14-0)Fran DunphyMatt Maloney, Penn '95Gabe Hunterton, Yale
1993-94Penn (14-0)Fran DunphyJerome Allen, Penn '95Sea Lonergan, Dartmouth
1992-93Penn (14-0)Fran DunphyJerome Allen, Penn '95; Buck Jenkins, Columbia '93Pax Whitehead, Cornell
1991-92Princeton (12-2)Pete CarrilSean Jackson, Princeton '92Rick Hielscher, Princeton
1990-91Princeton (14-0)Pete CarrilKit Mueller, Princeton '91Will McAllister, Penn
1989-90Princeton (11-3)Pete CarrilKit Mueller, Princeton '91Carlos Williams, Brown
1988-89Princeton (11-3)Pete CarrilBob Scrabis, Princeton '89Ed Petersen, Yale
1987-88Cornell (11-3)Mike DementPaul Maley, Yale '88Ralph James, Harvard
1986-87Penn (10-4)Tom SchneiderPerry Bromwell, Penn '87Guido Casparis, Columbia
1985-86Brown (10-4)Mike CingiserJim Turner, Brown '86Jim Barton, Dartmouth
1984-85Penn (10-4)Craig LittlepageKen Bantum, Cornell '85Bryan Randall, Dartmouth
1983-84Princeton (10-4)Pete CarrilJoe Carrabino, Harvard '85John Bajusz, Cornell
1982-83Princeton (12-2)Pete CarrilCraig Robinson, Princeton '83Mike Waitkus, Brown
1981-82Penn (12-2)Bob WeinhauerPaul Little, Penn '83; Craig Robinson, Princeton '83Bob Ferry, Harvard
1980-81Princeton (13-1)*, Penn (13-1)Pete Carril, Bob WeinhauerLarry Lawrence, Dartmouth '80Joe Carrabino, Harvard
1979-80Penn (11-3)*, Princeton (11-3)Bob Weinhauer, Pete CarrilPeter Moss, Brown '80Steve Leondis, Yale; Paul Little, Penn
1978-79Penn (13-1)Bob WeinhauerTony Price, Penn '79Tim Daaleman, Yale
1977-78Penn (12-2)Bob WeinhauerKeven McDonald, Penn '78Mike Davis, Cornell
1976-77Princeton (13-1)Pete CarrilFrank Sowinski, Princeton '78Alton Byrd, Columbia; Bob Roma, Princeton
1975-76Princeton (14-0)Pete CarrilArmond Hill, Princeton '76Keven McDonald, Penn
1974-75Penn (13-1)Chuck DalyRon Haigler, Penn '75Larry Cubas, Dartmouth
1973-74Penn (13-1)Chuck Daly
Adam Sutton, Dartmouth
1972-73Penn (12-2)Chuck Daly
Ron Haigler, Penn
1971-72Penn (13-1)Chuck Daly
Bill Raynor, Dartmouth
1970-71Penn (14-0)Dick Harter
Brian Taylor, Princeton
1969-70Penn (14-0)Dick Harter

1968-69Princeton (14-0)Pete Carril

1967-68Columbia (12-2)*, Princeton (12-2)Jack Rohan, Butch van Breda Kolff

1966-67Princeton (13-1)Butch van Breda Kolff

1965-66Penn (12-2)Jack McCloskey

1964-65Princeton (13-1)Butch van Breda Kolff

1963-64Princeton (12-2)Butch van Breda Kolff

1962-63Princeton (11-3)*, Yalle (11-3)Butch van Breda Kolff, Joe Vancisin

1961-62Yale (13-1)Joe Vancisin

1960-61Princeton (11-3)Jake McCandless

1959-60Princeton (11-3)Cappy Cappon

1958-59Dartmouth (13-1)*, Princeton (13-1)Doggie Julian, Cappy Cappon

1957-58Dartmouth (11-3)Doggie Julian

1956-57Yale (12-2)Joe Vancisin

1955-56Dartmouth (10-4)Doggie Julian

1954-55Princeton (10-4)+, Columbia (10-4), Penn (10-4)Cappy Cappon, Lou Rossini, Ray Stanley

1953-54Cornell (11-3)*, Princeton (11-3)Royner Greene, Cappy Cappon

1952-53Penn (10-2)Howard Dallmar

1951-52Princeton (10-2)Cappy Cappon

1950-51Columbia (12-0)Lou Rossini

1949-50Princeton (11-1)Cappy Cappon

1948-49Yale (9-3)Howard Hobson

1947-48Columbia (11-1)Gordon Ridings

1946-47Columbia (11-1)Gordon Ridings

1945-46Dartmouth (7-1)Osborne Cowles

1944-45Penn (5-1)Donald Kellett

1943-44Dartmouth (8-0)Earl Brown

1942-43Dartmouth (11-1)Osborne Cowles

1941-42Dartmouth (10-2)*, Princeton (10-2)Osborne Cowles, Cappy Cappon

1940-41Dartmouth (10-2)Osborne Cowles

1939-40Dartmouth ( 11-1)Cappy Cappon

1938-39Dartmouth (10-2)Osborne Cowles

1937-38Dartmouth (8-4)Osborne Cowles

1936-37Penn (12-0)Lon Jourdet

1935-36Columbia (12-0)Paul Mooney

1934-35Penn (10-2)*, Columbia (10-2)Lon Jourdet, Paul Mooney

1933-34Penn (10-2)Lon Jourdet

1932-33Yale (9-2)Elmer Ripley

1931-32Princeton (8-2)*, Columbia (8-2)Albert Wittmer, Dan Meehan

1930-31Columbia (10-0)Dan Meehan

1929-30Columbia (9-1)Dan Meehan

1928-29Penn (8-2)Edward McNichol

1927-28Penn (7-3)*, Princeton (7-3)Edward McNichol, Albert Wittmer

1926-27Dartmouth (7-3)*, Princeton (7-3)Leonard Wachter, Albert Wittmer

1925-26Columbia (9-1)Dan Meehan

1924-25Princeton (9-1)Albert Wittmer

1923-24Cornell (8-2)Howard Ortner

1922-23Yale (9-3)J.J. Fogarty

1921-22Princeton (8-2)*, Penn (8-2)J. Hill Zahn, Edward McNichol

1920-21Penn (9-1)Edward McNichol

1919-20Penn (10-0)Lon Jourdet

1918-19Penn (7-1)Lon Jourdet

1917-18Penn (9-1)Lon Jourdet

1916-17Yale (9-1)Bernie Tommers

1915-16Penn (8-2)*, Princeton (8-2)Lon Jourdet, Frederick Leuhring

1914-15Yale (8-2)Robert Stowe

1913-14Columbia (8-2), Cornell (8-2)Harry Fisher, Albert Sharpe

1912-13Cornell (7-1)Albert Sharpe

1911-12Columbia (8-2)Harry Fisher

1910-11Columbia (7-1)Harry Fisher

1909-10no league play

1908-09no league play

1907-08Penn (8-0)Charles Keinath

1906-07Yale (9-1)William Lush

1905-06Penn (9-1)R.B. Smith

1904-05Columbia (8-0)none

1903-04Columbia (10-0)none

1902-03Yale (7-1)none

1901-02Yale (5-3)none


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