Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jaques on the International Game

Jon Jaques ('10) blogs about the differences between FIBA basketball and the American game. He writes, in part:
I’m only 3 scrimmages into my professional basketball career, but it’s painfully obvious so far that these European basketball rules that I was warned about before I came over here are no joke. In fact, the differences between the European “FIBA” game and the American game (how did we let a separate version exist in the first place? Were Americans not the first people bored enough during P.E. to start throwing balls into empty peach baskets?) are even more devastating than advertised.

My Cornell teammates know that I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with referees. When I wasn’t playing much at Cornell during my first thee years, I was in the refs ear so much that I came close to about 4 technical fouls from the bench, yet became friends (by friends I mean a handful of refs knew I was the annoying, curly headed kid on the end of the Cornell bench who had nothing better to do during games than yap at them) with the Ivy League officials. Once I started playing more and started picking up 2 fouls within the first 5 minutes of every game (guess I wasn’t as close with the refs as I thought), I began joking (I was dead serious) that the people who turn to officiating are the members of society incapable of holding down any other job (this obviously isn’t true: while refs from the bigger conferences have a busy schedule that takes up most of their time, many ivy refs have other jobs during the week and travel the northeast by car during the weekends for the love of the game…and the love of some extra dough).

Anyway, while I respect officials, I never seemed to agree with the American ones (I kind of turn into a jerkface on the basketball court). I don’t think the Euro refs are any worse than American ones, but I think the rules of this strange game they play over here are going to take some getting used to.

Here’s are some thoughts that came up while chatting on Skype (lifesaver) with a few of my former teammates who are also playing “basketball” overseas... [See the Jaques blog for the rest of his entry]


Anonymous said...

I wonder what Jaques thinks of the live ball on the rim rule. Can he even get up that high to get it? lol

Anonymous said...

God I hate Jaques. Can't stand his egotism or his poor grammar. Acts like the league was created for him. SOB can shoot though - Go Red.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Not sure why you'd hate Jaques. Even if you don't know him personally, which you probably don't, here is a guy that stuck with the program for 3 full years despite not playing more than a couple dozen minutes. The guy has character. And in the end, he was rewarded.

Anonymous said...

I think Jaques & his girlfriend simply say things that people interpret as irreverent. I just love it.

Anonymous said...

Not only does Jaques complain to refs a lot, but has anyone else noticed how much he complains about Jeremy Lin on twitter?

For instance, he recently posed the question of why Lin deserved to be featured in a rookie video series on ESPN. It seems like Jaques can't get Lin out of his head while Lin probably doesn't even know who Jaques is.

He's not jealous of Lin but I guess he's butt-hurt that Lou and Witt didn't get this kind of love. I wonder when Jaques will get over it.

Not At The Table Carlos said...

I hate anon @7:57

Not At The Table Carlos said...

He brings substance and humor and obviously the New York Times and Slam magazine disagree with you anon 7:57.

Mr. Anon, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul

Anonymous said...

i really, really want to understand who some of you commenters are. like please, indulge me. like do you actually hear the things that come out of your mouth/read your comments before you submit them? do us all a favor and get over yourselves

Anonymous commenters are the worst people said...

Let's make a new rule...if you have the balls to post these insane comments, use those same balls that you supposedly have to use your real name, or at least a semi-clever alias with a post, instead of the cowardly "anonymous" that any person with one eighth of a sloth's brain could come up with.

Slothman said...

To: Anonymous commenters are the worst people @9:33am

That's offensive.

Anonymous said...

12:58AM, Lin is basically the issue I said some people feel Jaques is irreverent about; I just got tired of bringing up his name, because if we keep discussing how insistent we are that we don't care about that guy, we end up sounding like we care about that guy. It's like that recent "Sh*t My Dad Says" tweet: "See, you think I give a sh*t. Wrong. In fact, while you talk, I'm thinking; How can I give less of sh*t? That's why I look interested."

But since the topic has been agonizingly broached, let me just say: Jaques is not jealous of Lin; he's just not impressed. This is someone whose ass Cornell has been kicking for four years, & Jaques blunt (and true) statements jar those who buy into the the severe overexaggeration of Lin's abilities. He hasn't tweeted about Lin more than a handful of times; stop exaggerating. He's probably tweeted more about Israeli fast food. Lin was not on par with the first round draft picks he was included with.

Anonymous said...

Joe Lacob seems to think Lin was on par with some of those first-rounders, which is why Lin was awarded an NBA contract.

I understand that Cornell whooped Harvard's ass over the last few years. I was at those games and it felt really good. That doesn't mean Jeremy Lin is not a very good player. We just played really good defense on him and WE executed well.

But the fact that everyone has graduated and moved on with their careers and that Jaques continues to tweet about Lin just shows that he's a hater. Foote even tweeted about Lin a couple times but he has moved on! And I've never seen Lou Dale say one thing about Lin. It's just a matter of respect. Instead of showing pride that someone from the league made it, Jaques shows his insecurity by bringing up the negative stuff.

I already said that Jaques is not jealous of Lin in my prior comment. I just think it's sad that he can't let go of the fact that Lin made it and no one from Cornell did.

Anonymous said...

I would be inclined to "hate" (of course that's said in fun) any player who had a problem with referees, all referees, all the time.

As players and spectators, we all have felt the pain when a blatantly bad call cost us.

But if you're a guy who thinks that all referees or even the vast majority of referees are incompetent, you're just a biased observer. Let me guess, Jaques thinks that the vast majority of Ivy referees are incompetent and that their biases run against Cornell. That's ridiculous.

Hey, it isn't easy being a referee at any level. Even those who are absolutely scrupulous and conscientious are going to miss calls and, on some nights, a lot of calls. If Jaques hasn't learned this after all the years he's spent on the court, he's just an inveterate complainer. The world's got too many of those as it is.

Anonymous said...

Someone might get signed because they are reasonably talented and are marketable, not because they belong with first round draft picks. Any other person who had Lin's mediocre ORatings in the Ivy League would not have gotten this much attention, and you know it; the Emperor's Clothes defenses are getting tiring. Jaques and Foote both tweeted comments when Lin was signed, and Jaques has tweeted only one more Lin-related tweet since then. You are all overreacting. He has tweeted more about Lamb Schwarma.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Lin debate might be btwn just me & one other person; really should have walked away from this back & forth. I just didn't agree that mention of lin in a tweet equaled obsession or bitterness, and I thought he was just capturing how wtf that espn feature was.

Some ppl like Jaques; some apparently don't. I for one think he's awesome.

mrjames said...

I saw ORatings and it piqued my interest.

Not sure in what way Lin's ORatings were mediocre. Remember that ORatings are an efficiency mark for possessions used and that as you use more possessions, your ORating should fall (you use the easiest possessions first and each subsequent one gets marginally more difficult).

This past season, Lin was 43rd nationally in ORating among guys using 24% of team possessions. In 2008-2009, he was 34th among guys using at least 28% (which is a rare group, because that's a huge possession load).

While Lin earned an NBA look for certain with his performance at the NBA Summer League, it is quite possible that he got more out of the Warriors due to his marketability in that area. But that wasn't the only team taking a look, nor was it the only team that would have extended him a deal.

They call me Memphis said...

I can't understand any Cornell fan "hating" Jaques, or even not liking him. He was a major reason the team was as successful as they were, a leader and captain who played with passion, and a model for basketball players of all levels. If you don't enjoy his writing, I think there is a simple solution: don't read it. I know many fans, including as stated by Carlos previously the New York Times and Slam Magazine, like his writing enough to want him to write for them. His comments about Lin may too be motivated by the fact that he does not think Lin is as good of a player as Louis or Ryan, but he has a lot of substantial reasoning behind that. Louis and Ryan were both POYs, played well in huge games, and terrific players. They could not fall back on being a "minority" in the NBA that could attract a marketable fan base (aside from wealthy Cornell alums). For arguments sake, if last year there were to be a IVY League fantasy draft, Dale and Wittman would have been 1 and 2 drafted, no way Lin would be taken before those two.

G Funk Railroad said...

I think you guys should lay off the Jaques-man. He shouldn't get criticized by his own fans, when he enjoys writing about the game the way he sees it. And I can guarantee he knows more about bball than I or anyone of you do.

This guy deserves nothing but praise. He's all about team. It takes real character for a guy to sit on the pine for as long as he did, and when his number was called to have stepped up in such a big way. He is a baller and a competitor.

I know the few of you who are writing these disparaging comments are a tiny minority in the Cornell bball fanbase, as most of us got nothin but love for Jaques.

Anonymous said...

none of these anonymous posters hatin on Jaques are Cornell fans. I guarantee it.

Jaques defined what Cornell basketball was all about, so literally impossible for somebody to hate him and claim to be a Cornell bball fan.

More likely, it is just Drew Housman being bitter due to the fact that Jaques went to 3 NCAA tournaments and is playing in the Israeli 1st division league, while Housman went to 0 NCAA tournaments and is rotting away in a crappy 2nd division Israeli team.

Anonymous said...

Lin's ORatings are #43 in that category but, for example, Louis Dale's are at #22, which I think is the point, sometimes his stats don't look as good as other people's.

Even with the stats that you yourself post at basketball-u, mrjames, some non-Cornellians innocently point out that some of Lin's stats don't that impressive, but then you slice them up in all sorts of ways, and we don't know how to respond because we don't know what you're talking about and you will chew our heads off.

You are also far too mean to certain people (Agho, Zampier, Mullery). When they post poor stats, they're exposed! When Cornellians post good stats they're overrated! When Lin posts average stats, they simply have to be looked at in a different way! It's annoying.

Anonymous said...

Sure, Jaques needs to have a certain personality to stick with it. Here's an ol' atta boy for him. Clearly a head case over his first 3 years. Toss in the bratty demeanor and, well, dude's not right. I'm glad he got hooked up with the right meds and psych to get straightened out.

Believe me, it's ok to dislike certain 'characters' on your team, just like life. I'd take a Geoff Reeves over 10 Jaques any day.

Now let's be real. Lin can play. Jaques can play. Lin is playing where he is because he's Asian. Jaques is playing where he is because he's Jewish. There's nothing wrong with that. Coaches are pretty clear on that too. It's a business.

Anon 757

Not At The Table Carlos said...

Jon jaques merks noobs

Anonymous said...

God forbid that any CBB reader, let alone any Cornell fan, post any comment that in any way impugned any Cornell player.

All Cornell players are dedicated, conscientious athletes and selfless, fine human beings. I personally have witnessed most of them helping little old ladies cross the street. I hope that my sisters and, someday, my daughters marry Cornell basketball players.

All players from all other programs (including Ivy League, ACC, European professional leagues and the NBA D-league) are overrated media creations who couldn't get into Cornell.

I don't know how Princeton and Penn dominated Ivy men's basketball for more than fifty years because Cornell is God's program.

Jeremy Lin, besides being a terrible, truly awful basketball player, is supported by Al Qaeda, which is financing his contract with the Warriors from numbered Swiss bank accounts. Plus, I know for a fact that he steals those little shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotel rooms.

Billy Bob said...

this is a ridiculous conversation and y'all should be embarrassed

Anonymous said...

Yes y'all should be