Thursday, September 23, 2010

News and Notes: Afternoon Edition

Below, some afternoon news and notes...
  • Jon Jaques ('10) provides his Big 10 preview for Slam Online, including Cornell opponent, Minnesota.
  • Ryan Wittman ('10) has been taking some serious heat from the demanding Italian media and fan blogs for his preseason performance to date for Italian club, Fulgor Libertas Forli. One article from Romagna referred to him thus far as a "disappointment." Despite the criticism, the Forli coaching staff is standing behind their rookie. The following photo appeared on an Italian fan blog, calling for Wittman to pick-up his performance:
  • Through six games, Jeff Aubry ('99) is averaging 10.3 points and 8.7 rebounds for Halcones in the Mexican LNBP.
  • Brian Delaeny of the Ithaca Journal updated his blog as follows:
Bill Courtney has his first recruit as Cornell men's basketball coach.

Shonn Miller, a 6-6 senior forward at St. Ignatius High School in Ohio, committed recently to Courtney and the Big Red. Click this link for a story from the high school's website.

As always, Cornell coaches are not permitted to speak about incoming recruits until their first semester deposits are received by the school. As always Part II, the Cornell Basketball Blog has posted additional information on Miller at its site.

UPDATE: Courtney lost an assistant coach already, as Jay Larranaga was hired away as the Erie BayHawks new head coach. The BayHawks are in the NBA's Development League. Marlon Sears, the top assistant, and volunteer assistant Ricky Yahn remain on staff.

UPDATE II: Courtney received another commitment from Mississippi-based guard Devin Cherry, a 6-foot-3 senior at Meridian High School. Cherry's high school coach told the Cornell basketball blog that Cherry was also considering Penn, Jackson State and Southeast Louisiana, and ultimately picked Cornell over Penn.

MY TAKE: Courtney has heard all the stories about how difficult it can be to recruit talent to the non-scholarship Ivies, but has to be relieved to get a couple recruits down in the books. It's too early to worry about their talent right now, because there's no surefire way to tell how good they are. You can't trust recruiting services, so I would advise you to place your trust in Courtney's opinion. The man's history suggests he knows talent. That said, he needs big men, and he needs big men in this particular class, so that's the piece to watch going forward.


Anonymous said...

I have had the chance to see Shonn Miller on several occasions and he is definitely a great talent. He is also a GREAT kid. He will be a pleasant surprise for the Big Red fans.

I don't want to reveal too much because watching and getting to know him is much better than talking about him. He is definitely better than advertised.

Congratulations to the Big Red for landing him.

Anonymous said...

somebody once said (paraphrased):

Good shooters are allowed to go 0/5 and keep shooting. Only the greatest can go 0/20 and keep shooting.

Anonymous said...

John Starks baby!

Anonymous said...

Wittman has seemed off ever since the Wisconsin game where he was on fire, he was really off in the Kentucky game and has not done too well in the pro's

Anonymous said...

I'm also sort of wondering if something is wrong, concerning Witt.

It's crazy how he and Dale seem to have been at the same level and now have gone in completely opposite directions. Dale shoots 75% overall in an 18-pt performance against key league rivals, while Witt goes 0/8 from 3?? It's not adjustment time or people not passing him the ball anymore.

He was prominently displayed on Forli's front page during his first weekend; clearly they had great expectations of him. But now, while Gottingen's site is reporting that Dale equaled a team high 13 points in Gottingen's latest game (a win), there is a poll on Forli's front page asking fans if Wittman's position on the team should be re-evaluated.

Anonymous said...

I've always sort of wondered if Witt didn't really want to play pro, but was/is going through the motions bc he's a coach's son with a good shot...

Anonymous said...

I firmly believe that Louis Ddale is the best pro prospect of last year's class. I wrote Donnie Walsh to that effect. He ignored my advice. That's why the Knicks will continue to be a bad team. They desperately need a point guard, but wouldn't spend a few bucks to give one a tryout.