Tuesday, September 14, 2010

News and Notes for Tuesday

Below, a few pieces of news and notes for Tuesday. Above, Cornell senior, Adam Wire.

  • EuroCup teams will soon know his name. Making his presence known, Louis Dale scored 18 points for his Gottingen club tonight to lead all game scorers in an 80-56 exhibition win over rival Bundesliga (German premier league) team BBC Bayreuth. Former All-Ivy/UPenn star, Koko Archibong scored 10 points for Bayreuth which played without former North Carolina star Marcus Ginyard. NBA-journeyman (and former Iowa Hawkeye), Jared Reiner, also chipped in 10 points for Bayreuth, while they were led by 15 points from Pete Campbell, a former star at Butler and a vet of the NBA D-League.
Forli (Italy) coach, Giampaolo Di Lorenzo and Ryan Wittman (Cornell '10) at Wittman's media intro earlier this week.
  • Jasmine Marcus, a former Cornell Daily Sun staffer, has joined Israel Sports Radio and has launched her own blog on the site. Marcus writes in one of her initial posts, "Although it’s a little embarrassing to admit now, I didn’t always follow sports as closely as I do today... In November, I secured my first interview with men’s basketball player Chris Wroblewski, mining his friends and his Facebook page for juicy tidbits, such as his nickname 'Little Boy.' All was smooth-sailing until I accidentally deleted the interview recording and had to redo the whole thing."
  • Newsweek Magazine's new college rankings issue ranks Cornell among the nation's top 25 colleges in several categories, including No. 11 among schools "stocked with jocks." Newsweek writes, "In addition to being named by Newsweek as the 24th most desirable school in the country and the third most desirable large school, Cornell University ranks 25th for brainiacs. This well-rounded package also comes in at No. 11 for athletes and No. 20 for gay-friendliness."


Anonymous said...

Louis is looking pretty jacked.

Ryan is looking pretty "why'd I wait so long to get a European contract?"

Both will move up soon, undoubtedly.

harry '59 said...

What happens if Kentucky has to forfeit all its games because of the Eric Bledsoe academic fiasco. Does Cornell get to the elite 8 and force a string of do-overs?

Anonymous said...

yes, that is exactly what happens