Friday, September 3, 2010

News and Notes: Friday Edition

Below, some news and notes... Above, a 1993 program for a three-game home stand against Hofstra, Columbia and Canisius.
  • Noting VCU's intent to return to the NCAA Tournament, ESPN's Rumor Central writes, "VCU isn't skimping on early experience, either. 'The Rams will play NCAA qualifiers Winthrop, Wofford and archrival Richmond and could play Wake Forest and Cornell -- and others -- in tournaments,' reported the Richmond Times-Dispatch. "'The opportunity to play several NCAA tournament-caliber teams will go a long way toward preparing us to reach our own NCAA aspirations,' VCU coach Shaka Smart said in a release.'"
  • The Cornell Daily Sun reports on the University's new financial aid policy which "will match the parental contribution and loan level offered to incoming students who have been accepted to Cornell and other Ivy League universities."
  • The Daily Pennsylvanian writes, "In what we think may be a sign of the times, this year's Princeton-Harvard basketball matchup will be televised on ESPN-U. With the Penn-Princeton rivalry on the back burner right now (Penn has lost the last three contests), is this the new rivalry for the Ivy League?"

  • Harvard's Keith Wright announced on Twitter that he will lead the Ivy League in rebounding.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Keith Wright might be able to do that...right after he gives his girlfriend Jenny Craig a call.

Errick "Born Ready" Peck all the way!

Anonymous said...

Keith Wright is the typical Harvard player, just like Lin he cares more about his own personal stats than winning. Notice he said I will lead the league in rebounds as if they meant anything, he did not say Harvard will win the league

Anonymous said...

Osgood is going to be draining jumpers right in Keith's face. Keith is too fat and unathletic to contest them.

Anonymous said...

when amaker and capapari have finally been outted for their blatantly deceptive recruiting college basketball will be the better for it

Anonymous said...

"just like Lin he cares about his own personal states than winning."

Congratulations, that is the single stupidest post I have ever seen on this blog. Lin is exactly the type of player that didn't care at all about personal "states" and cared about getting teammates involved instead of hogging the ball like he could of as Harvard's dominant scorer. That's a big reason why he's in the NBA now despite putting up good-but-not-great numbers in a poor conference. And I'm sure if you asked Wright, he'd say he would win the league. And to compare Amaker and Calipari is laughable, the two situations are nothing alike and not comparable at all.

Not At The Table Carlos said...

just wait till "aro i told you so" osgood gives keith wright a pump fake and follows it up with a two handed slam! how sweet that will be...

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:48 said "stats" not "states". I think Lin cared about winning; he and the other H grads always talked in interviews about how they didn't win the championship, and they sounded disappointed. Of course it might have been for personal gain -- you don't look good when your ass gets handed to you -- but it's obvious he cared. And really it was Amaker who let Lin pad his stats. I mean if your team is down 30 points with 4 minutes to go, why not let people on the bench play? It was Amaker's choice; he was basically the lead marketer and it was a success in the end, so do u think they care?

Anonymous said...

Keith Wright is rather portly but he did average more rebounds than Foote at one point last season, so he might not be completely deluded.

And there have been some fat college players who were very good despite their size -- Samhan, Onuaku. Wright looked potentially all-Ivy before he got injured.

Nevertheless, I can't help thinking about what a good job Cornell's strength & conditioning folk must do. All our guys look so good. I was watching that Thank You video for Coach D, and everyone from Reeves to Wrobo was displaying serious guns. The recent HS pics of Osgood demonstrate how far he's come. A few folks could use some weight gain, but no one is chubby. Errick Peck looked a wee bit chubby in the introductory frosh interviews that SlopeTV produced, but by the Kentucky game he looked great.

Anonymous said...

Keith's ankles are begging the rest of his body for mercy.

Anonymous said...

Actually, a play-by-play chart will show that Amaker DID clear his bench about a minute after Cornell did. It seemed like Lin was being allowed to pad his stats because by about 7 minutes left in the game, Cornell was leading by 30 points and Donohue was slowly letting a few senior "bench" players on the court, like Max Groebe, as he often did (Groebe & Miles would often be let off the bench a couple of minutes before it was officially cleared). It was after this time, when Cornell's lead was massive, that Lin scored half-a-dozen of his points. Watching the game, this desperate late scoring seemed pointless given the 30-pt lead. But imagine if Cornell had won by 36 and Lin had scored only 13 points while all Cornell's starters were in double digits. He would've looked terrible. But he scored a bunch of easy points from like 7 to 3 minutes left, so in the end people could look at the box score and say "o at least he was the high scorer in the game" and never know the details.

And Amaker isn't Calipari, I think we're going a bit too far.

And Keith isn't fat. He's just normal-size in an industry where many people are ripped. We r all just giving him bulletin-board material.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:30
What are you talking about "And I'm sure if you asked Wright, he'd say he would win the league" is nonsense. Wright unprompted said he would lead the league in rebounds, sure he might say Harvard will win the league. But the point is he cares less about winning and more about his own stats because unprompted he refers to his own stats. If he was a real team player he would be saying "cant wait to start the season and get some wins or look forward to competing for an ivy championship"

Who the hell cares about who leads the league in rebounds anyway, 5 years from now all that anyone will remember is who won the league this year, that is it.

Anonymous said...

I am a Cornell fan, but I must point out that Anan, 3:48 PM is not very intelligent.

Notice he said I will lead the league in rebounds as if they meant anything, he did not say Harvard will win the league

That he said he will lead the league in rebounds does not mean that he did not say that Harvard will win the league. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:58

Ok, and Errick Peck is tweeting about how he's going to the NBA or Europe. What's the difference?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:33 PM
I know they are not mutually exclusive, the point is that unprompted he just threw that out there about the rebounds. He is thinking more about his own stats.

Anon 5:51
This conversation wasnt about Peck but you are right Peck says a lot stupid things on Twitter like Wright did about the rebounds.

Bottom line is anyone who uses Twitter is full of themselves because who cares if at 1:00 you are looking out the window, at 1:01 you are eating, at 1:05 you are going to the bathroom.