Wednesday, September 8, 2010

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Cornell's Louis Dale ('10) was the cover boy of both the 2007-08 and 2008-09 official Ivy League Basketball Media Guides. Below, some news and notes for Wednesday...
  • Louis Dale ('10) and Gottingen of Germany's elite Budesliga League will compete in three exhibition games between September 10 and September 14.

In the debut edition of The Sun's own version of Sports Illustrated's "Pop Culture Grid," staff writer Chyanne Eyde finds out where the sophomores of the men's basketball team fall on the pop culture scale. Be sure to check out today's paper to see the actual grid.

Josh Figini '13: Chisago Lakes, Minn., Forward

Errick Peck '13: Indianapolis, Ind., Forward

Miles Asafo-Adjei '13: Antioch, Tenn., Guard

Peter McMillan '13: Brentwood, Calif., Forward

I spent my Labor Day ...

Josh: Doing homework

Errick: In the gym

Miles: In the gym playing basketball, having a team lift, and doing some homework

Peter: In the gym and at conditioning

The best place to eat on campus is ...

Josh: Okenshields

Errick: Is Jack’s Grill on campus?

Miles: Jack's Grill, if that’s considered on campus ... Bethe House, shout out to the very nice lady who swipes cards!!!

Peter: Jack's or Keeton on Tuesdays

Favorite reality T.V. show is ...

Josh: Man vs. Wild

Errick: The Ultimate Catch. Chad OchoCinco is hilarious

Miles: The Ultimate Catch with Chad OchoCinco

Peter: Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch

The song I wish would play from the clock tower ...

Josh: "Miracle Drug" by U2

Errick: "Dont Let Me Fall" by B.O.B.

Miles: "Teach Me How to Dougie" by Cali Swag District. It would be crazy to see everyone hittin’ the dougie in the Arts Quad

Peter: "California Love" by Tupac 6

Theme party that should be done at Cornell ...

Josh: Rubik's Cube

Errick: No themes ... Just a lot of dancing

Miles: Throwback Jerseys

Peter: Slip N Slide party

Who I would have liked to have seen get on Dancing with the Stars ...

Josh: Kimbo Slice

Errick: The CEO of BP, Tony Hayward. Wonder if he can dance his way out of that too ...

Miles: Charles Barkley, he would be hilarious!

Peter: Michael Jackson

The vampire craze is...

Josh: Ridiculous

Errick: A little out of control. But hey, "to each his own"

Miles: Out of control!!!

Peter: Annoying

The thing I'm most looking forward to this year is ...

Josh: Basketball season

Errick: Maturing as a person and trying to win another Ivy League Championship

Miles: Having a great overall year and competing for another Ivy League Championship!!

Peter: Trying to get this 4th Ivy Championship in a row


Anonymous said...

where is Eitan...the world wonders

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Likely unavailable due to holiday.

Anonymous said...

This was likely done before today to make today's paper.

Anonymous said...

unavailable to do what? take 5 minutes to respond to a couple of questions?

Anonymous said...

Will also (pointlessly) voice my disappointment that Eitan was not included. Also, a PDF would have been nice, for full effect.

Anonymous said...

you people have got to calm down. maybe the writer just wasn't able to get in contact with him/he never responded. as someone who is very close to the cornell athletics scene, i can tell you that that happens. a lot. like seriously. stop being all hype all the time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should stop lecturing people. Maybe some people were looking forward to reading some Eitan material and were disappointed to find none, and just hope there's some next time. I know when the intro said "the sophomores", I was expecting ALL the sophomores, and wondered why one was missing.

Anonymous said...

This is dumb. I think some people are always secretly worried that if one person is missing, they've pulled an Alex Hill... the Sun should just say "so and so was unavailable" next time.

Anonymous said...

literally the first thing that popped into my head when I read that article was "shit, did Eitan pull an Alex Hill?"