Friday, September 24, 2010

Recruiting News

Below, some recruiting news from around the Ivy League...

For a list of committed players to attend Ivy League schools, including profiles of incoming Cornell recruits, and a listing of Cornell's prospective recruiting targets, click here. For a list of general Ivy League prospective recruiting targets, click here. Please note that we update these lists daily. reports that Luke Hager (Whitney Young HS) Chicago, IL, 6-7, F recently visited Central Michigan. When asked to update his recruitment, Hager noted, “Pretty much the same schools are in the mix with Harvard, Penn, TCU, Hawaii, Sam Houston State, Central Michigan, Akron, and Jacksonville with the addition of UNC-Wilmington and Western Kentucky who have recently hopped in.”

Corbin Miller (Brighton HS) Salt Lake City, UT, 6-2, G, has narrowed his college list down to Boston College, Harvard, Stanford and Vanderbilt and is in the process of taking official visits to each school per All four schools have reportedly made offers. reports that forward Steve Moundou-Missi (Montverde HS) Montverde, FL, 6-6, F has received offers from Harvard, Brown and Morehead State. After visiting Harvard last weekend, the Cameroonian native appears to be learning towards the Crimson.

With 18 players already locked-in on the Crimson's 2011-2012 roster, including new recruits Jonah Travis and Kenyatta Smith, the Harvard coach staff obviously will have to make some tough decisions about how many additional new players the Crimson can and will add. Cuts are a possibility with the Crimson previously releasing a dozen players over the last three seasons.

Austin Keel (Winter Park HS) Winter Park, FL, 6-3, G, is hearing from Columbia. Wofford and UNC Greensboro have offered scholarships per


mrjames said...

The Harvard roster has 15 names on it. Plus 2 recruits is 17. Also, one of those names is an unrecruited player.

Given injury and attrition problems, 4 to 5 man classes are pretty common at Ivy institutions.

Cornell's roster currently has 17 guys on it with one unrecruited player. They lose three seniors and pick up two frosh. By my count that puts them at 16 including one unrecruited player for 11-12.

Numbers-wise, I don't see much of a difference there.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Yes, Harvard is now down to 15 players on the 2010-2011 roster because 1 player (Spencer de Mars) was cut during the offseason, similar to prior Harvard cuts.

With the two new recruits, Harvard will have 17 players for next year. But the number was supposed to be larger.

It is always easy to make the numbers work for you when you cut kids.

DeMars, like every other player on the Harvard roster, was formally recruited and introduced as part of the recruiting class.

Harvard has no walk-ons and no transfers.

This means that Harvard will have at least 17 on board for next year, each recruited directly out of high school.

Cornell has 1 walk-on, Jon Gray, who was added to the roster mid season. He was not part of any official recruiting class. Mark Coury was also a mid year addition to the program.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see ARO rain jumpers in Keith Wright's fat face next season

mrjames said...

In your opinion, is not wanting to continue playing basketball equivalent to getting cut?

Remember the term "attrition." It's big in the Ivies, where there aren't scholarships to bind you to playing.

Whether or not a team announces a person or not, that doesn't tell you whether the kid was given a spot on the team or a chance to make it. Or whether it's a mutual agreement for an AI booster. Or whether the kid wants to pursue computer science and doesn't have the time for basketball.

The '07 frosh were ostensibly cut. But there are many other common reasons for leaving Ivy programs that have nothing to do with the staff denying a guy a spot.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

It can be.

It is called "constructive termination" -- a situation where the program does not kick the player out, but does everything else to make the kid feel unwanted.

The program recruits other kids to play his position a year after he arrived, the roster expands to 16 kids (none of which are seniors), the kid spends time on the far end of the bench, and gets lost in a numbers game, made to feel he is not a part of the future team plans, with little to no chance of contribution.

In this case, sure a kid, says to himself, "you know what, I'm in college, I'd better focus on something else because this basketball gig is not working out too well."

So the kid leaves the team.

Maybe it is technically a voluntary decision because the coach did not say the magic words, "we have to let you go" but the program is not leaving him very much by the way of options.

Anonymous said...

are the '07 frosh the ones that the nyt wrote about? their parents sounded pissed, like those kids were just cut.

Anonymous said...

yes, they did everything to make him feel unwelcome, like playing him in 12 games with meaningful minutes in Ivy games. Sure, that must be it.

With that fascinating logic, Chemerinski,Finigi and Osgood were the hated stepchildren of Cornell basketball.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is also a fact that Collin Robinson was run out of CU because he left.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

-Yes, the '07 Harvard kids were the half dozen players cut by Amaker during September '07 and the news was covered by the Times.

-Collin Robinson was Cornell's third leading scorer at the time he left and had a bright future in the program. He was also a leader in minutes played. He left because he wanted to be back in L.A. and wanted USC's communications program.

-Chemerinski, Figini and Osgood have bright futures and are not being pushed out. Osgood is a virtual lock to either start or back-up Coury. His minutes are happening for him.

-Cornell did not recruit a single power forward to "step over" Chemerinksi or Figini in the next class. Further, those guys knew their chance would come with eight seniors. This is not the case for any of the Harvard young players.

-De Mars played in games because of injuries to Magnarelli and Wright. But with the recruitment of Okum, Moore, (even Monty Brown) and now Smith, the writing was on the wall.

Anonymous said...

we all know the real reason why Robinson left. Dude was a selfish basketball player who wanted to the the "big fish in a little pond" in order to help improve his chances professionally. There was even a couple interviews in some local papers that where he reinforced this mindset.

one of my hallmates who worked for the Daily Sun sports covering bball told me some other interesting things in confidence.